Piping Plover Passion

Well I've found another new LOVE this Spring, the Piping Plovers! I had never actually SEEN one. And now?? I am smitten! ❤


Snowy Magic

Cannot wait to share my moments with this Snowy Egret a few days ago, right around sunset. It was, in a word... Magical.

With the Birds

I do not know why I have become so fascinated with the birds. I think part of it is, I cannot believe... that they allow me to BE there. To let me share their space. And make no mistake... it is, theirs. I believe this is a house finch, dim light, end of day. ❤

Sea Treasure

You can have your silver and your gold. (i.e., cars, jewels, fancy clothes, iPhones) I'll take this treasure from the sea, over them... Any old time. (Quahog shell)

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