My Redhead Valentine – Day 45

Now WHAT could be a more perfect “new life bird” on Valentine’s Day than…

A Redhead Duck!?

Over the moon on this one from today’s visit to Orleans, Happy Hearts everyone!  ❤



Kingfisher, by the Side of the Road – Day 44

I’ve always been a sucker for a bird on a wire….

And when it comes to Kingfishers, I always seems to “catch” them on the fly when I am driving.

Fortunately, this Lady was engrossed in her fishing expedition, and so I was able to capture a few stolen moments…

More to come of this Lovely Lady!   ❤

My Wintertime Bank Street Loop – Day 43

This winter, as I waited for the hunting season to end in three months…

I was determined to find “new spaces” where I could keep photographing birds and all things nature…

To find the peace, the peace I stretch out for every day.

And, well, quite by surprise I fell in love with a Bank Street Beach “loop walk” – from Pilgrim Church parking lot, down along the shoreline, up Snow Inn Road to Wychmere harbor, and then back along the main road to the church.

One of my very favorite things about the new “loop” is the “back side”.

There’s a short boardwalk that leads thru’ the dunes,  that takes you to Snow Inn Road and then on to Wychmere.

And every time I do the walk I turn right there on the boardwalk, and I look back.

Just to see what the light is doing with the grass and the cedar trees at that moment.

Can you see why I fell in love??  ❤

Charmed by a Canada – Day 42

Canada Geese are not on everyone’s Top Ten List.

But they are surely on mine.

And the Canada that I spent some time with yesterday at Saquatucket Harbor, as shared in yesterday’s post…

Charmed me as few ever have.

Perhaps it was the light on his feathers…

Or the way I just knew, despite my best efforts to hide behind my “duck blind” car —

That he saw me.

He knew every single minute that I was there.

What touched me the most…

Was the fact that he seemed so relaxed in my presence, didn’t seem to mind me there.

That won my heart…

Forever.  ❤