The Simple Beauty of Being Iced In – Day 21

There’s just something incredibly…

Tangibly beautiful.

Even meditative…

About being iced in.

More to come!  ❤


Iced In, at Rock Harbor – Day 19

I dropped in at Rock Harbor, and was amazed to see how frozen over it all was.

But it wasn’t the ice floes…

Or the colors of the dunes beyond that captivated me most.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about what it WAS that sent me over the MOON!  😉

Hold onto the Twinkles

I’ll be the first to admit it.

I start thinking of Christmas lights well before Thanksgiving, and I hate letting them go after New Years has come and gone.

So starting January 1st, when I’m on my sunset walkabouts in the ‘Port campground…

I look for them.

I look for those twinkles in the windows, swirling around a lamp post, fence rail or tree.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of glowing light around every curve in the road, just one more glimpse of the Christmas magic I can’t seem to let go of.

And much to my delight it seems there are others, like me, who aren’t ready to let them go, either.

And as I gaze out at the ocean, aglow with sunset’s hues…

How could I not want to look back and see sunset glowing with those splashes of Christmas sparkle?

I guess I’ve never understood why some are in such a RUSH to pack it all away.

To douse all the lovely candles, the white lights and wreaths.

All those lovely things that, to me, aren’t just tied to Christmas.

As much a part of winter as the silhouetted pines against a symphony of sunset light…

Are my beloved twinkles, lighting my way, at least for now…

As I walk into the night. ❤

On the Eve of Spring, Cape Cod Style

I know the calendar tells me it’s Spring.

But here on the Cape, it just takes a bit longer for it to arrive.

You can hear the birds telling us the seasons are a-changing, yet we are still awaiting the ospreys in the marsh at Forest Beach.

(Soon THIS occupant, will be looking elsewhere for his perch!)

And you can see the color just beginning to come in.

If you look really close, that is.

Yet my heart is dancing… and why?

I guess I love the quiet, the peace of our winters here on the Cape so much that I find myself soaking up every minute before the “busyness” of summer lands once again on our sandy shores.

And now that all of the hunting seasons are past, I am back in the neighborhood with my camera, so………

Be looking for more images of this amazing space I call home.

Winter, spring, fall, and yes, summer too!  😉


And Happy Spring!

Snowy Owl – Winter Solstice

This was my first sighting of a Snowy Owl.

Framed by marsh grass and a bleak wintry sky…

He was just about the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

And when he turned, he seemed so…


So aware of everything around him.

At one point he must have spotted something moving in the distance, for he stretched up very, very tall.

Ahh… A flock of Canada geese, honking their way across the marsh.

Where did you come from, my fine Snowy friend?

My head was full of questions and my heart, with pure JOY.

Just then – he turned and looked at me.

It was all I could do to hold the camera steady.

And just like the first time that a Cooper’s hawk looked me straight in the eye…

I knew that I would never be the same.

In the very best of ways.

Happy Winter Solstice everybody!  🙂