Sunrise – August 25, 2018

When I got to the beach this morning it was completely clouded in.

Just when I’d resigned myself to a walk without a sunrise, I came around a dune — and there it was, peeking through the grass…

The SUN!

Looking like a giant red balloon against the pale, gray sky.

I nearly fell over…

I’m so glad I held onto the CAMERA!  😉

All Is Well

After a storm, it’s always good to return to the marsh and see that everyone is doing fine and that all is well.



By the time I headed out last evening on my walk, the sun had returned and everyone seemed to be back on their old familiar perches.



Even the marsh mallows and hydrangeas looked like they’d found their smiles again.



The warm, humid magic of late summer here on Cape Cod had once again been restored…

And I think you would have to agree that — all is very well indeed!


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