The Sad Old Tree

Today’s the day that my Mom’s Sad Old Tree gets a haircut.

The tree’s been here ever since Mom’s family built the house back in the 50’s. An old, majestic white pine that has seen better days and waaay too many Nor’easters.

Yet no matter how old and sad the tree gets, it will always remind me of the four of us kids growing up. Playing softball in the backyard, running the bases, and smelling that sweet pine sap when we’d lean against its trunk in the shade of its enormous limbs.

And recently, this past fall, it’s where I found a hawk sleeping. And there could be no better arms to fall asleep in, no better arms in the whole world.

I visited The Sad Old Tree early this morning… Feeling more than a bit sad.

Thank goodness I had friends, to keep me company.

Just hoping that there are no birds nesting in the scrub pines near the Sad Old Tree. I’ve been hearing the doves every morning, and want them to be safe.

Feel better, Sad Old Tree. My sweet old friend.  ❤