Autumn Wind in Their Wings

Mill Landing is one of my favorite destination spots when I’m out on one of my walkabouts with the camera.

I love nothing more than coming down the hill late on a fall afternoon, and looking back at Taylor Pond all decked out in golden yellow and russet orange.

I never know who I might see flying right toward me.

Or spot through the trees just upstream…

Scratching for some supper.

It’s a magical place;  the most magical in the fall.

For as the Canada geese wend their way up the Creek to Taylor Pond for the night I always pause…

And I listen —

For the sound of the wind in their wings.  ❤

Summer’s Reluctant Letting-Go

It’s amazing how the rosa rugosas just keep on blooming as summer drifts slowly into fall.

To the delight of this little bee, coming in for a landing this morning down at Taylor Pond!

Lucky Bee!

And lucky ME!  😉




Havin’ Dinner with the Geese

It’s the simple stuff I love the best.

Like being out there tonight by the dock at Taylor Pond, just as the light was fading.

Standing there real quiet.

Having dinner with the geese.

Watching them have their fill, get ready to leave.

Taking what was left “to go”.