Lights, Camera, Supermoon!

The last supermoon of 2016 rose high in the sky the other night.

Unfortunately, here on the Cape the clouds covered its arrival from view.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-13-blogSo last night I headed out onto the deck to see if our Christmas lights and I might be able to persuade that ole’ moon to give us a show!

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-1-blogAnd there it was, I could see it through the trees!

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-2-blogStanding there on my deck, gazing in wonderment, I felt warmed by the twinkling lights all around me.

And supermoon above me.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-3-blogHigher and higher it rose, peeking through the silverleaf branches…

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-4-blogEvery Christmas bulb seemed to glow brighter than ever before.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-5-blogI couldn’t help feeling a little sad, since we won’t see another super moon again until May 25, 2017.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-6-blogSo I breathed in the moment and imagined that every Christmas light on our street was celebrating it right along with me.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-7-blogWe’d seen supermoon make its final showing after all.

Me, my camera and all the lights of Christmas.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-10-blogHappy New Year, supermoon, Happy New Year!!


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Shoot the Moon

I’d been wrestling all week about whether or not to bring my camera to see Supermoon.

I love my single lens SLR Canon, it’s a real trooper. But it’s no match for the kind of sophisticated equipment that can really capture lunar phenomenons.

What if I just wind up with a bunch of blurry moon shots?

But I kept hearing an old saying in my mind… Shoot the moon. It means to go for broke, follow a dream.

The message seemed to fit my hesitating mind.

When we headed to the beach on Sunday, the camera was in my hands and all I could feel was the dream of seeing some Supermoon magic beating loudly in my heart.


In celebration, the marsh was decked out in its finest autumn attire as the last rays of the sun washed over it in waves of gold.




It felt like everyone was holding their breath, waiting…


And I mean everyone.


Some were walking along the shore, others simply staring up at the sky…

While the truly young at heart were dancing with abandon!


The weather man had warned that the Cape might see some incoming clouds. Now I happen to love clouds, and crossed my fingers that Supermoon might too!  🙂


Then before we knew it someone was exclaiming, There it IS!


And just like in the movie, Moonstruck, there it was.

Like some great big snowball in the sky, rising slowly over the heads of all who’d come to witness its beauty.


And sure enough, as predicted, the clouds began to creep in.


At one point they got so thick we wondered if the moon would get swallowed up and disappear from view altogether.


But that ole’ moon seemed determined to break through, to be seen…


Moving in and out from behind the clouds, like we were on the set of some Hallowe’en movie!



As the hour of the eclipse approached, we headed for home just in time to catch a glimpse of Supermoon through the trees in our neighbor’s yard.


By the time we made it to the top of our deck stairs, Supermoon had beaten us there; just beginning to peer from behind the boughs of the silver leaf trees.


Just then, all of the clouds fell away and for the first time since moonrise, Supermoon stood alone.

Through the camera it looked so close, almost as if I could reach out and touch it.


And then slowly, ever so slowly, the eclipse began…


I couldn’t breathe as I watched the colors move from a pale yellow…

To a soft red glow.


At its peak, the moon went almost totally red.

Everything got so still, as if suspended, transfixed in a kind of awe.


Before we knew it, the eclipse was moving in the other direction.


The red colors slowly faded, replaced once again by a pale yellow glow…


We won’t see Supermoon again now for another 18 years. Who knows if I’ll even be here to witness the next one, or whether clouds will prevent a good viewing.

I am just so glad that I decided to go for broke and take along my trusty camera companion to be part of a bit of lunar history.

Maybe that’s what it’s all about. If you have a dream, or a passion, get out and shoot the moon. And see what comes!  🙂


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Sunday Best for Supermoon

We have an outstanding lineup for you today here at Sunday Best. All of our contestants were dressed to the nine’s this week in anticipation of Supermoon!

Contestant #1, Mourning Dove perched on a wire. Silent like a statue, glowing gold in the setting sun.


Contestant #2, Great Blue Heron in tall marsh grass. As you can clearly see, he had much to say about the coming lunar eclipse.


Contestant #3, Herring Gull, gray and white, black wingtips, yellow bill with red spot on lower mandible, yellow eyes. Adorable pink feet.


Contestant #4, juvenile Catbird, stunning against the emerging fall foliage by the marsh. Bright-eyed, and definitely curious about me!  😉


Contestant #5, the beloved Song Sparrow who was determined to give me his very best side. He said this was it, and even added a melodic chirp to the mix!


Contestant #6, Seagull Whirligig, keeping careful watch over this yard on Forest Beach Road. I only hope my lowly camera skills did him justice.


And last but never least we have Contestant #7, Downy Woodpecker, shimmying up and down this vine-covered tree so fast it was hard to keep up with him!


Please tell me your favorite, and as always, I welcome any comments.

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Waiting on Supermoon

Are you waiting for the supermoon?



As you know, a supermoon occurs when a new or full moon is at its closest proximity to the Earth. And this coming Sunday we’re in for a rare treat when a supermoon will combine with a lunar eclipse for the first time since 1982!

And it seems like all week long, everywhere I look, everyone is just waiting, holding their breath in anticipation for supermoon to arrive.

Some preferred to experience the anticipation alone, reflective, from afar…


While others were jockeying for position early, trying to get the best seat in the house.



And learning a bit about about sharing in the process.  😉


But no matter who you watch it with or where you watch it from…

Be it on land or sea…


From telephone wire…


Pine tree branch…


Or even rooftop…


You are in for a rare and special treat this Sunday night when supermoon comes to town!


And just remember, if you miss this one you we won’t see another until 2033!  😉

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