Sunrise – August 25, 2018

When I got to the beach this morning it was completely clouded in.

Just when I’d resigned myself to a walk without a sunrise, I came around a dune — and there it was, peeking through the grass…

The SUN!

Looking like a giant red balloon against the pale, gray sky.

I nearly fell over…

I’m so glad I held onto the CAMERA!  😉


Something to Crow About

These young crows seemed as excited as I was this morning, waiting for the sun to rise.

nd a
Jockeying for position, each youngster was looking for the very best seat.

As always, the sun put on quite the show for all who were in attendance.

You might even say, it gave us all something to crow about!



Sun Rising at Forest Beach – August 7, 2018

I hadn’t been to Forest Beach to see the sunrise in a long, long time.

And yesterday’s rising, did not disappoint.

At that early hour, you could juuust make out the shapes in the far osprey nest in the marsh.

By the time I had made my way down to the shore, the sun had cleared the treetops and was lazily hovering over the houses that line the beach.

Its glowing radiance echoed in the gentle waves spilling toward shore…

In the windows of a nearby beach house…

And on the bellies of the stints that were feeding and preening at the water’s edge.

It was the kind of sunrise that made you so grateful for the quiet.

The kind you can only truly relish, when all is still and hushed.

When I finally headed back to my car, I could see the sun out beyond the marsh, continuing its slow rise through the hot, humid air.

Oh to be an osprey, I whispered, Out there in the marsh!

Wakening to such magic, each and every morning…  ❤

November Sunrise Takes a Bow

I felt like I really needed to see the sun rise this morning at Forest Beach; our last November ‘rise for the year.

And I am happy to report that the sight of the rising sun…

This loon rising up to meet it halfway….

The amazing light turning everything in its path to gold…

And yes, even this photo-bombing sparrow who surprised the heck out of his mate…

I came away from the ‘rise feeling good-to-go, ready to face the world again.

And ever so glad I had come!   😉