Just Flurries for Cape Cod??

I think someone just heard the news…

Marmee229More “flurries” today for Cape Cod.

Marmee197And something tells me…

Marmee196B This was not happy news.

Marmee195BThe last time they said “flurries”…

We wound up in a snowglobe.

Snowglobe1So I guess…

Marmee191We’ll be watching…

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All Is Well

After a storm, it’s always good to return to the marsh and see that everyone is doing fine and that all is well.



By the time I headed out last evening on my walk, the sun had returned and everyone seemed to be back on their old familiar perches.



Even the marsh mallows and hydrangeas looked like they’d found their smiles again.



The warm, humid magic of late summer here on Cape Cod had once again been restored…

And I think you would have to agree that — all is very well indeed!


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Whatever It Takes

Sometimes, getting a particular subject in just the right light or focus, can take a few takes.

Or more than just a few.

Like this morning, as the storm was approaching and the wind was blowing, this tiny song sparrow had a tough time holding  a pose…


Try as he might, the wind just kept comin’ up behind him and wham! over he’d go!


But he persevered, as did I

Take 1, take 2, take 3…

And we were rewarded for our efforts at last!


In photography it simply takes, whatever it takes…

Love these tiny sparrows, they’re so plucky!  🙂


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