On the Eve of Spring, Cape Cod Style

I know the calendar tells me it's Spring. But here on the Cape, it just takes a bit longer for it to arrive. You can hear the birds telling us the seasons are a-changing, yet we are still awaiting the ospreys in the marsh at Forest Beach. (Soon THIS occupant, will be looking elsewhere for... Continue Reading →


Redwing Spring

You can hear them before you see them... Redwings, in the marshes! Adding their color, their splendid song, their rhythmic wing displays... Yet another glorious sign that spring is here! Save Save Save Save

Look Who’s Back!

I'm back in the marshes this week, camera in tow, after a busy Derby hat season. And today I discovered --- so are "The Greats"!! Somehow, all is right with the world once our great egrets return to Cape Cod. Do they take your breath away, too??  😉 'Til next time! Save Save

New Arrivals

More new Spring Arrivals came in for a landing yesterday, to our foggy Red River marsh. It never ceases to amaze me how magical the light and colors can be, even on such a dreary day as it was... Blog coming soon! Save Save Save

Awaiting the PINK MOON

Pink Moon, another harbinger of spring that is named not for its color but for the time when pink-hued wild ground phlox is in bloom, arrives early tomorrow morning at 2:08 a.m EST!! We are expecting cloudy skies tomorrow night, and so... I am posting a few images now of what we have been seeing... Continue Reading →

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