The Sparrow with the Arrow

I’ve been wondering lately, what IS it about me and the birds?

Every chance I get, I am out with them.

Following these amazing fellow creatures of wings and bills with so much beauty, so much heart.

Yet lately I’ve been questioning all the TIME I am putting into it – not to mention the memory cards.  😉

Then this morning, I came upon a tiny Song Sparrow in the road.

I was actually on the other side of him at first, with the arrow pointing towards me.

I walked past the sparrow, and he didn’t move.

He was just standing there. Looking at me, beside the arrow.

Except now the arrow was pointing the other way, and he was in front of it.

It was almost as if this little bird was trying to tell me something.

Follow me, follow me, come this way, THIS way.

And it was clear he wasn’t going to take “No” for an answer.   😉

So crazy or not, at least for now, it looks like I’ll be following the birds.

Photographing this little guy, and so many others.

For moments like these. ❤

The American Way

It’s cool in America, each person gets to celebrate the 4th in their own way.

This tiny Song Sparrow decided he’d hum a few bars to share his joy.

I couldn’t quite make out the tune, but it sure seemed to make him happy!   😉

The Cape Cod Song Sparrow

‘It’s gotta’ be one of my favorite birds, the tiny song sparrow.

Nothing fancy, one might even think of them as plain.

Mr. (or Mrs.) Brown Bag…

ForestBeachLoop253But when they open those little beaks to sing, they fill the air with notes that would make even Pavarotti green with envy.

ForestBeachLoop797-BlogAnd they’re cute, too, and seem to welcome an appreciative audience!


So the next time you see one singing his little heart out for you, give him a little clap.

Will you?  😉

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‘Til next time we meet…


Cape Cod Meets Sunday Best

It’s time again for Sunday Best!

Which one of these Cape Cod birds gets your vote?

And please remember, voting on Facebook or just adding a Like to a photo does not count as a vote. You need to add your vote in the Leave a Reply box, thank you!  🙂

Are you ready?

Contestant #1, the kingfisher…


Contestant #2, the crow…


Contestant #3, the song sparrow…


Contestant #4, the snowy egret…


And finally Contestant #5, the seagull…


Please cast your vote, the winner will be announced one week from today!

Last week’s winner was….. the mute swan!

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