Storm’s Comin’ on the Heels of the Full Corn Moon

The night of the full Corn Moon was also the night we knew there was a storm approaching, promising flooding in some areas. I am usually so cheerful when I am out on a full moon walk, but this time I felt unsettled somehow. A thick, humid haze hung over the marsh, a stiff wind... Continue Reading →


Hot August Weekend, Cape Cod Style

Running tight on time, but I wanted to share a few of the things I spotted this weekend on the Cape. It seemed like everything was either blooming.. Or bobbing on the sea. Big and small. I got scolded by a seagull who bobbed his head at me, told me it's not polite to stare.... Continue Reading →

Party Time at the Mill

Mill Landing this weekend seemed like it was going to be all about the great egrets. Each time I visited it seemed like any which way I turned, to the pond or to the flats, there they were. Fishing in the shallows... At long last, having the 'hood all to themselves for a change. That... Continue Reading →

Steppin’ Out with My Baby

Not sure why... but I always seem to hear Irving Berlin's "Steppin' Out with my Baby" whenever I see the Snowies in the marsh! "Steppin' out with my baby. Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right." "It's for sure, not for maybe. That I'm all dressed up tonight!" (Irving Berlin, 1948, Easter Parade) 😉 Save... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals

More new Spring Arrivals came in for a landing yesterday, to our foggy Red River marsh. It never ceases to amaze me how magical the light and colors can be, even on such a dreary day as it was... Blog coming soon! Save Save Save

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