The Dance – Snowy Egret at Taylor Pond

As we look forward to seeing the SUN again today, I wanted to share a recent encounter with a Snowy Egret I saw at Taylor Pond at dusk. It was a fairly gray evening at the pond, and I spotted him as soon as I parked. Opening the car door slowly I could see him... Continue Reading →


Snowy Egrets – Styling Magicians

How do they do it?? A Snowy Egret can take a fairly coifed, demure feather style... And, with just a bit of preening... Look like this! And with just a bit more preening... Maybe THIS! I would love to know their styling secrets... wouldn't you??   😉

Snowy Magic

Cannot wait to share my moments with this Snowy Egret a few days ago, right around sunset. It was, in a word... Magical.

Snowy Goes Solo at Mill Landing

A lone (GORGEOUS) snowy egret tonight, down at Mill Landing. Going solo. I am holding onto every moment we have with these birds, before they leave us here on the Cape in just a few short weeks. I ADORE these amazing, whimsical, elegant, photogenic birds who visit our little Cape Cod sandspit every summer. Does... Continue Reading →

Short or Tall, A Beauty Contest for Us All

We have five amazing contestants in today's Sunday Best competition! Contestant #1... the Great Blue Heron, seen striding slowly through the wetlands like some stately English gentleman in a blue-gray suit, surveying his domain. Contestant #2, the tiny Sanderling, scootling in and out of the waves in search of his breakfast, a fast-moving, hard-working little... Continue Reading →

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