Snowy Owl – Winter Solstice

This was my first sighting of a Snowy Owl.

Framed by marsh grass and a bleak wintry sky…

He was just about the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

And when he turned, he seemed so…


So aware of everything around him.

At one point he must have spotted something moving in the distance, for he stretched up very, very tall.

Ahh… A flock of Canada geese, honking their way across the marsh.

Where did you come from, my fine Snowy friend?

My head was full of questions and my heart, with pure JOY.

Just then – he turned and looked at me.

It was all I could do to hold the camera steady.

And just like the first time that a Cooper’s hawk looked me straight in the eye…

I knew that I would never be the same.

In the very best of ways.

Happy Winter Solstice everybody!  🙂

Home Beach Gets First Snow of the Season

I love my home beach, Red River.

And nothing gives me more pleasure this time of year than seeing it all frost-covered!

Yesterday at sunset there was snow down by the jetties…

Up into the dunes…

And along the backside creek where the tall common reeds watch over the quiet marsh of gold.

But I am almost never alone in my celebration of the first snow of the season.

As you can plainly see!

Happy Almost Winter everybody!  😉

Backyard Beauty

Sipping on my coffee early this morning, all I had to do was look out the window to see the magic that last night’s snow had left behind.

Once outside, I felt exhilarated by the cold and the beauty all around me.

A persistent breeze kept whipping up the light fluffy snow on the tree limbs, sending showers of snow crystals that were beautiful – but not good for the camera.

So I worked quickly to get a few images of the snow-covered cedars…

The long maple limbs with icy frosting…

The berries with their tiny snow caps.

But first prize for head wear went to the sedums for sure.

With the ornamental grass a close second for their clever use of wispy grass “feather” trims.  😉

And as I headed for the house I couldn’t help but smile.

Looking around in your own backyard kinda’ makes beauty real accessible, doesn’t it? I didn’t need to go much further than my own backdoor.

I only wished I hadn’t been thwarted by the snow showers raining down on me.

Note to self: Next time, bring the umbrella!!    😉

First Snow at Forest Beach

I couldn’t wait to get down to Forest Beach, once the flakes had stopped falling and the sun was beginning to sink in the West.

The first snow of the season is always special to me.

And just as I’d imagined, a new frost-covered landscape awaited me.

Magical and serene.

And some new friends were there as well!

I already can’t wait to get back again soon!

“I’m BUSY!”


That’s what I love most about Chickadees.

This morning I was trying to get a nice photo of Mr. Chickadee. It snowed overnight, and I was dying to capture him in his top hat and tails against the frosted trees.

I followed him with my camera for the longest time as he flitted here, then there, then back again.

‘Til I finally heard him exclaim, “Pardon me, but I simply don’t have time to pose for you today, you see I’m rather BUSY getting my breakfast!” as he plunged his whole head into the soft bark of yet another tree.

sallygarden216-blogAnd busy he was,  so pardon me, indeed!   😉