I Found a Pearl

This morning I was down at Red River, creek side, in search of something different. A real gem, something I'd never seen before. I'd already been amused by the brants, who are always murmuring about something or other. And bemused by the buffles who make me think of little rubber duckies as they dive and... Continue Reading →


Strike a Pose!

I always look for them in the fall at Forest Beach, down along the shore. The playful sanderlings! Tirelessly chasing the waves in and out, in and out, in and out. They're not so easy to follow with a hand-held point-and-shoot, but I'm persistent. Yesterday morning,  I spotted a group of them on the sand... Continue Reading →

My Blue Heaven

As August approaches, I look forward to seeing our great blue herons in the marsh. They get a bit scarce in July, seeking out the quieter inlets and coves once the tourists descend. By August they seem to emerge again, and you see them out there with the swallows and the  ospreys. I saw a... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals

More new Spring Arrivals came in for a landing yesterday, to our foggy Red River marsh. It never ceases to amaze me how magical the light and colors can be, even on such a dreary day as it was... Blog coming soon! Save Save Save

Surprised by the Moon

I love a full moon. Watching it ripen into fullness as it slowly pulls us all under its magic spell. But this year with the humid summery heat that has been so stubbornly clinging to our Cape shores, full moon time really snuck up on me and I almost missed my very favorite one of... Continue Reading →


Living here on Cape Cod, we are surrounded by amazing natural beauty. The kind of beauty that can take your breath away... Want to know how I spell "grace"? G-R-E-A-T  E-G-R-E-T A-T M-I-L-L  L-A-N-D-I-N-G 🙂  

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