The Illusion of Tomorrow

There is a red maple tree down near Mill Landing that has to be one of THE most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

I drove by it a week ago, and after hearing a weather report for tropical storms I knew that I needed to get there soon and capture the tree’s autumnal attire at its peak.

In my short time as a photographer I haven’t always seized the moment; missing many, many images that can never be recreated.

So the following morning, early, I grabbed the camera and headed straight for the tree.

And it was a perfect morning: the early sun’s rays were pouring through the surrounding trees, and the yellow-red maple leaves looked like they were on fire!

No one was around, so I relaxed and got more than a few good captures of the beauty I saw.

The very next day, I passed by the tree after we’d had more wind and rain overnight.

A few dozen leaves still clung to the lowest of its branches, bare limbs glowed starkly in the setting sun’s light, and a yellow-red carpet now covered the ground.

I sincerely hope that a red maple tree has forever etched in my mind the ephemeral nature of “the moment”; the illusion that there will always be a tomorrow.

Take the shot now…   ❤