First Leaf Peeper Spotted on Cape Cod

We get a lot of visitors here on the Cape in autumn.

They make their pilgrimage without fail every year to witness the brilliantly colored leaves along the marshes and ponds.

I spotted my very first leaf peeper the other day.

This particular leaf peeper seemed to be quite the expert, with the keenest eyes and the sharpest focus I have ever seen.

And no binoculars required.

I could see that she had a real gift for picking out the best leaves.

She wasn’t the only one.

All in all, my leaf peeper appeared to be pleased by what she saw as she sniffed the air and –

Well, as you can plainly see —











Yesterday’s Gift: Winter Solstice

It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

Winter Solstice!

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1a-blogSome call it yule, or yuletide…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-2-blogOthers call it midwinter.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-3-blogWhatever you call it, it’s a time for celebration…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-9-blogforestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-5-blogFor quiet reflection…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-7-blogFor singing…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1b-blogFor sharing with those you love…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-10-blogFor being glad you’re alive and letting your light shine.

Whatever that light might be.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-11-blogHappy Winter Solstice!





Autumn Makes a Surprise Landing

Nature never ceases to astound me.

Always full of surprises.

Why, just lookee what landed on the deck while I was so busy making hats for Breeders’ Cup….


sallygarden213-blogSurprise, surprise!! 😉

sallygarden214-blogHappy Fall everybody!




Surprised by the Moon

I love a full moon. Watching it ripen into fullness as it slowly pulls us all under its magic spell.

But this year with the humid summery heat that has been so stubbornly clinging to our Cape shores, full moon time really snuck up on me and I almost missed my very favorite one of all – Harvest Moon!

When I arrived at Forest Beach it was clear that everyone was eagerly anticipating the moon’s rise as the sun slowly began its descent.

moon-harvest-sept2016-1-blogThis charming whimbrel informed me that he had postponed his migratory departure just so he could be here for the lunar display.

moon-harvest-sept2016-4-blogThe snowies and cormorants had gathered in the shallows at Mill Landing. They had the best seat in the house by far.

moon-harvest-sept2016-3-blogMeanwhile the setting sun welcomed the moon with a palette of pinky-blue-orange light along the horizon…

moon-harvest-sept2016-5-blogAs the beach grass along the dunes whispered its gentle, rustling harmony.

moon-harvest-sept2016-6-blogAlmost before we knew it, there it was! Peeping up above the horizon like a big gold and red beach ball.

moon-harvest-sept2016-7-blogYou could see the setting sun reflected in the windows of the buildings as the sun exited the stage waving “Goodnight!” to its celestial companion.

moon-harvest-sept2016-8-blogA lonely sailboat tipped its mast to the moon as it rocked slowly back and forth on the darkening waves.

moon-harvest-sept2016-9-blogWhen I turned for a moment to look in the direction of the sunset I noticed a solitary fisherman on the near jettie, celebrating the moment as he cast his line again and again.

moon-harvest-sept2016-10-blogmoon-harvest-sept2016-12-blogTurning for home I felt so rich. Rich in beauty and filled with an old, familiar excitement for the coming quiet of autumn here on the Cape.

And so relieved that I hadn’t missed one of the very best Harvest Moons ever!

moon-harvest-sept2016-13-blogThank you for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!











Spring Comes Creeping on Cape Cod

Just 2 more days ’til Spring.

And little by little here on the Cape, along the marshes and channels, you can see it creeping in…

ForestBeachLoop718-MedThe geese are out and about in pairs, looking for the perfect nesting spots.

ForestBeachLoop722-MedShe looks…

ForestBeachLoop727-BlogHe watches.

ForestBeachLoop721-MedThere’s no sign of the ospreys yet…

ForestBeachLoop728-BlogBut we have crocuses!

ForestBeachLoop716-MedAnd more redwings every day!

Bird241Spring on Cape Cod is not for the faint of heart.

It creeps in slowly. Looking for everything like autumn.

ForestBeachLoop726-BlogYet for those who love the Cape like I do, while the unfolding of its Spring may be slow…

Its rewards of subtle beauty…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop713AAnd tiny little surprises, here and there…

ForestBeachLoop725-MedAre very great indeed!  😉

Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!


Spring Unfolding, Cape Cod Style – Redwing Blackbird

I spotted my first REDWING yesterday.

And like always I heard him, long before I saw him.

I was approaching one of my favorite spots in the marsh. The light was fading, yet there he was. Gleaming black with red shoulder patches and yellow wingbars against a dried out, wintry landscape. Spring really is coming after all!!

Bird406-BlogAnd then… He turned… and looked at me.

Bird407-BlogAnd I mean, right at me.

Bird407B-BlogI could have sworn I heard him muttering, under his breath of course…

“Uh—-OHhhhhh…. She’s back. It’s almost Spring, and she’s back. With that black box, with the funny green light. <sigh> Maybe if I strike a pose or two. Maybe then she’ll go away.”

And pose, he did!

Bird408-BlogLike some great bellows, his rhythmic wing displays repeated over and over again were dazzling, showing off those handsome red shoulder patches.

Bird409-BlogFinishing each and every time time with that glorious scratchy oak-a-lee I wait all winter long to hear again in the still, quiet marsh.

Bird410-BlogAnd then, he stopped. Perched motionless, he looked just like a statue.

“I wonder if that will do it for her. Heck, maybe she can’t even see me anymore.”

Bird411-BlogAnd indeed he was right, the light was nearly gone and it was time to turn for home.

Yet somehow… I think my little friend knew, deep down inside… that I’d be back again. And SOON!!  😉

Thanks for coming with me as we all await the unfolding stages of spring here on Cape Cod!