Return to Forest Beach – Day 71

My re-entry today at Forest Beach, from start to finish, was nothing short of magical.

A Ring-billed-gull, snatching his dinner from the sea.

A large clam shell, covered with barnacles and seaweed, bathed by one wave after another, and another, and another.

And my BRANTS!

Soaring above me and out over the water, calling to one another as they flew.

Follow me, follow me!

This way, this way!

I found the prettiest beach shrine of piled up rocks of all different colors and sizes; created by someone to whom they meant something special.

It felt so WONDERFUL to be…

HOME.  ❤

Slipper Shell, Iced In – Day 18

The Slipper Shell, often called a slipper limpet, is a snail with a decklike half partition inside its shell.

You often see them on our beaches, stacked on on top of the other.

I simply think they are beautiful…

Especially when I come upon them along the shore in winter, all covered with ice crystals.