Gull ‘Foils Photo Shoot

I love watching the parafoils at Cockle Cove beach. Late one breezy afternoon I spotted them sailing high above the dunes and decided to head on over and watch. As always they did not disappoint. But there was this gull. Who seemed determined to be in every shot. I mean seriously, every single shot. Did... Continue Reading →


Out with the Birds

Into the studio real early this morning, working on a project. But my heart... Was out there... With all of them. For the sunrise.  ❤

Crab Shell Soliloquoy

Sometimes, it's the simple things that catch the eye. Like a crab shell, left behind, catching the light from the setting sun. All that remains of a seagull's repast. Save Save Save Save

Something Special

I hear this question all the time when I am out with my camera. "Seen anything special?" The fact of the matter is, I see so MUCH "special" but don't have nearly the time I'd like to edit and share it all!  😉 Like this osprey that was flying over me at Mill Landing the... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found in the Fog

I love fog. Growing up here on the Cape, I find it energizing. Yet fog can distort things, too. It can blur one's view, disorient one's sense of direction and place in the landscape. The other day as I pulled into the parking lot at Forest Beach, I could see the fog rolling in from... Continue Reading →

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