Moon Sets over Herring Gull at Wychmere – Day 25

Well, it looked like I wasn’t the ONLY one who saw the moonrise this morning at Wychmere.

I pulled in, hoping to spot an Eider if I was lucky, or maybe a Red-breasted Merganzer who’d made it thru’ the wind storm overnight.

But I got even luckier when I saw this beautiful Herring Gull, standing at her post as the moon set just overhead.

Such a gorgeous moon it was, waning from the full Wolf Moon this past week that was too overcast for us all to see.

And this gull seemed to be taking in the full beauty of the moment.

Perhaps pondering the day that lay before her…

And feeling a certain sense of hopefulness and calm

As she sallied forth, with the moon on her shoulder.  😉


Our Last Catch of the Day

It can be the simplest thing that catches my eye for a photo when I am out late shooting at Mill Landing.

One last photo for the day as the sun sets lower and lower.

It might be a brown duck, paddling along in the creek.

MillLanding1Or a broken quahog shell left behind by some local fisherman.

MillLanding38Last night, as the light was truly fading fast, I spotted this lone seagull.

Gliding quickly back and forth, back and forth over the shallows, he was clearly in a hurry.

forestbeachloop974-blogRacing to beat the setting sun, he would hover, then dive. Glide, hover, and dive, again and again.

forestbeachloop976-gray-blogOnly to come up empty, each and every time.

forestbeachloop975-gray-blogStill, undeterred he would fly up again, hover, then dive…

forestbeachloop977-gray-blogUntil FINALLY, he snagged just the meal he was looking for.

A big fat crab, hurray! And he was up and away with his prize!

forestbeachloop978-blogLanding on the nearest mud flat, he dropped his catch…

forestbeachloop979-gray-blogTaking his time, he enjoyed every bite.

seagull23-gray-blogAnd when every tasty bit was gone I could see him in the dim light finishing up his meal with a vigorous mouth washing in the cool shallows.

seagull25-gray-blogIt had been his last, most satisfying catch of the day.

And thanks to him, it was mine, too!  😉