Canadas in the Fog

The magic of Mill Landing and Canada geese on the wing. It doesn't get any better than this. Fog and all. ❤


Peace among the Geese

I'm not sure what it is... But when I see Canada geese paddling around in the high tide shallows at Forest Beach marsh at sunset, looking almost like silhouettes in the dim light. I feel a peace I can't even begin to explain.

Fields of Gold, Cape Cod Style

I love our "fields of gold" in autumn. Especially down at Mill Creek. Here. On Ole' Cape Cod. Thank you, Mill Landing, for your amazing beauty.... May we always protect you. For our wildlife - and future generations - to enjoy.   ❤

Cats in the Marsh

I love seeing the Cat o' Nine tails in the marsh in the fall. Unfortunately I usually see them, beautifully backlit - in my rear view mirror after I've gone by them! THIS time, I made sure I was driving toward them, right around sunset. Such beauty, must be shared...  🙂

The Magic of Fog

Some people shy away from a rolling fog as it moves in. Me? I can't wait to get out into the fog, just to see what kind of magic it has spun -- and who might be out and about, like me. The fog the other morning at Forest Beach was as intense as I've... Continue Reading →

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