Just Ducky

As many of you know, Marmee loves her Ducky.

I often find them together, lying  there on the shelf at the end of the tub.

Ducky shares Marmee’s love for the birds.

Together they watch them flit by the window, back and forth, back and forth.

I try not to eavesdrop on their conversations.

But I think the two of them could talk for hours and never run out of things to say.

Once, when I asked Marmee if maybe she needed a new friend. Maybe someone new? Perhaps a goose, or a monkey, or a piggy?

“Nope…” she replied.

“Just Ducky.”

And there you have it.  ❤





Feelin’ Duckie

Marmee came home from her doc appointment this morning and everything went great!

You see Marmee was a rescue. And from what we know she had a pretty scary past. She didn’t feel safe, and she never came “first” to anyone.

‘Til she came here.

Blog-Marmee148Where she is always “first”. In fact, she’s everything to us.

And we have a wonderful vet who “gets it” with Marmee and how much she means to us, too.

I can tell you today I don’t think this girl was ever more glad to see her yellow duckie when she got back home…

marmee337b-blogAnd as she cuddled up with her yellow pal…

marmee337e-blogBack in her home once again…

marmee337f-blogIn the sunshine…

marmee337g-blogShe relaxed.

And so did the rest of us.

Blog-Marmee332Last time I checked…

Everyone was doin’ just fine.

marmee337d-blogAnd feeling grateful to be HOME.  ❤












Friends Come in all Shapes and Sizes

That’s the thing about my Marmee, she’s one of the most open-minded spirits that I know.

‘Seems like she’s always ready to make new friends.

No matter what color, shape or size.


Have a good Monday everybody!