Morning Naps – Day 87

There’s something so restful to me about Canada Geese, all bathed, all tucked in…

For a morning nap.

Especially if there are reflections involved.

Don’t you think?


Feather Story – Day 72

And now for something truly different.

When I was at the Pier in Chatham, I noticed something floating on top of the blue, blue water where I was photographing the loveliest female Red-breasted Merganser who was diving for her dinner.

Upon closer look, I saw that it was a feather!

A single white feather…

Floating in and out of the shadows, rolling along with the waves.

And who did it once belong to??

Perhaps the diving merganser?

Perhaps an Eider.

Yet all I could think was, there’s a story here

Mill Landing Silhouettes

I keep getting surprised by how dark it is by the time I get to Mill Landing these days…


Yet I still find friends there who, like me, are enjoying the dimming light.


The day’s work is done, and we’ve no more fish to catch.


Nothing much a body can do…


Except  enjoy a good scratch…


Put your feet up…


And revel in the magic of evening silhouettes.



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‘Til next time, enjoy your view.

Wherever it may be…  😉