Spring Comes Creeping on Cape Cod

Just 2 more days ’til Spring.

And little by little here on the Cape, along the marshes and channels, you can see it creeping in…

ForestBeachLoop718-MedThe geese are out and about in pairs, looking for the perfect nesting spots.

ForestBeachLoop722-MedShe looks…

ForestBeachLoop727-BlogHe watches.

ForestBeachLoop721-MedThere’s no sign of the ospreys yet…

ForestBeachLoop728-BlogBut we have crocuses!

ForestBeachLoop716-MedAnd more redwings every day!

Bird241Spring on Cape Cod is not for the faint of heart.

It creeps in slowly. Looking for everything like autumn.

ForestBeachLoop726-BlogYet for those who love the Cape like I do, while the unfolding of its Spring may be slow…

Its rewards of subtle beauty…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop713AAnd tiny little surprises, here and there…

ForestBeachLoop725-MedAre very great indeed!  😉

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Spring Unfolding, Cape Cod Style – Redwing Blackbird

I spotted my first REDWING yesterday.

And like always I heard him, long before I saw him.

I was approaching one of my favorite spots in the marsh. The light was fading, yet there he was. Gleaming black with red shoulder patches and yellow wingbars against a dried out, wintry landscape. Spring really is coming after all!!

Bird406-BlogAnd then… He turned… and looked at me.

Bird407-BlogAnd I mean, right at me.

Bird407B-BlogI could have sworn I heard him muttering, under his breath of course…

“Uh—-OHhhhhh…. She’s back. It’s almost Spring, and she’s back. With that black box, with the funny green light. <sigh> Maybe if I strike a pose or two. Maybe then she’ll go away.”

And pose, he did!

Bird408-BlogLike some great bellows, his rhythmic wing displays repeated over and over again were dazzling, showing off those handsome red shoulder patches.

Bird409-BlogFinishing each and every time time with that glorious scratchy oak-a-lee I wait all winter long to hear again in the still, quiet marsh.

Bird410-BlogAnd then, he stopped. Perched motionless, he looked just like a statue.

“I wonder if that will do it for her. Heck, maybe she can’t even see me anymore.”

Bird411-BlogAnd indeed he was right, the light was nearly gone and it was time to turn for home.

Yet somehow… I think my little friend knew, deep down inside… that I’d be back again. And SOON!!  😉

Thanks for coming with me as we all await the unfolding stages of spring here on Cape Cod!


Sunday Best, Cape Cod Style

If you had to choose, which one of these Cape Cod birds would you pick for the very BEST, Sunday Best?

And please remember, this is not a vote about the photography, it’s a vote about which of our contestants displays the very best Sunday attire.

Are you ready?

Contestant #1, the mute swan…


Contestant #2, the cardinal…


Contestant #3, the eider…


Contestant #4… The redwing blackbird…


And finally Contestant #5, the osprey…


Please cast your vote, the winner will be announced later on today!

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