Sun Sets on Red-Tailed Wings – Day 37 (B)

What a glorious surprise awaited as I headed back through town last evening.

I’d been down along the shore for my usual walk, enjoying the eiders and gulls diving into the waves for their dinner.

Coming back by the harbor, I turned the corner by the Congo church and there he was!

A gorgeous Red-tailed, perched high up on the church steeple.

One of a pair of individuals I’ve been sharing for some time now.

Yet it was the glow of the setting sun on its feathers this time around that literally took my breath away.

Standing down below him, I gazed up and marveled at those beautiful belt feathers and red tail glowing in the sun, as the bird clung tightly to the wind vane spoke with those raptor talons around it.

After a while, when the church chimes began to toll the top of the hour, I could see the hawk starting to shift, as if getting ready to take flight.

I waited, and I waited, and then waited some more to see if he would finally lift off…

And then just as I was rubbing the back of my neck, sore from looking straight up for so long, he spread those mighty wings — and was gone in a blur!

But I didn’t mind.

This glorious raptor had given me the sunset thrill of a lifetime, and all I could do all the way back to the car was smile.

Red-Tailed Magic from Above

I had the nicest surprise yesterday morning.

And all I needed to do, was look UP!

Driving through Harwich Port, I spotted two Red-Tailed Hawks perched way up high on the church steeple.

I’d seen Red-Tails there at Pilgrim Congregational Church earlier in the summer, so it’s a habit to always check the spot when I drive through Port.

And today was the day I got treated to them once again.

The sun was warm; its early morning rays providing the perfect backlighting for the pair.

I could see their feathers, some individually, blowing gently in the sea breeze; so soft, so elegant.

And as I walked around the church, if I hadn’t known better I’d have thought the two of them were not even aware of my presence.

But I do know better.

Red-Taileds see everything.

While one of them was busy scanning the environment, looking this way…

And then that.

The other was as intensely occupied with some preening.

And I don’t mean just a little preening…

I mean, a whole lot of preening!   😉

But make no mistake about it, even when Red-Taileds are grooming or eating or hunting, they still notice everything.

When I see them gazing around their world, I know they are watchful; waiting for something to move, something that might even be tasty.

My, I sure was glad to see the two of them again, to know that they are both alive and well.

And as I turned to look upward one more time at the pair…

I said a “Thank you!” to them both.

For because of them, my Labor Day celebrations had already begun!!  😉

Watching Over Us

Well Black Friday turned out to be a “down day” for me. Whether it was allergies or a cold, I had some unanticipated time to sift through my recent photo stash.

And LOOK what I found!

forestbeachloop968-blogMy new red-tailed pal down at Mill Landing.

Perching on his favorite telephone pole, surveying the landscape, just waiting for something to move.

forestbeachloop971-blogforestbeachloop969-blogI love raptors, and during the off-season here on the Cape they are one of “the locals”.

Just like me.

forestbeachloop970-blogWhether perched or soaring high, I always feel a certain comfort when I see a red-tail.

Like they’re watching over us or something.

Reminding us that, All is well.

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Sunday Morning Meditation

Sunday always feels like a day of rest to me. The pace is a little bit slower, the world just a wee bit quieter.

The backyard was especially still this morning. Even the hibiscus wasn’t moving a single petal.

SallyGarden206-BlogAnd just look who came back for a visit, perching nearly motionless in the old pine tree!

SallyGarden207-BlogToday will be the perfect time to get a few ducks in a row for Monday…

SallyGarden208-BlogDo some chores around the “barn”, maybe even stop out for a nap in the afternoon.

SallyGarden209-BlogKnowing me I’ll wind up knee deep in some hat project or other, that’s usually how it goes.

SallyGarden210-BlogYet I’ll hold onto this morning and how good it all felt. When I slipped away from the busy world all around me…

And whispered “hello” to the one that’s within.

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Sunday Nap

There’s nothing in the world like a Sunday nap.

RedTailHawk2-BlogEven a hawk needs to kick back and rest a while…

RedTailHawk3-BlogAnd get ready for the busy week ahead.

RedTailHawk4-BlogThanks for visiting me at Images of Cape Cod, hope you found time for a nap today, too!