Autumn Wind in Their Wings

Mill Landing is one of my favorite destination spots when I’m out on one of my walkabouts with the camera.

I love nothing more than coming down the hill late on a fall afternoon, and looking back at Taylor Pond all decked out in golden yellow and russet orange.

I never know who I might see flying right toward me.

Or spot through the trees just upstream…

Scratching for some supper.

It’s a magical place;  the most magical in the fall.

For as the Canada geese wend their way up the Creek to Taylor Pond for the night I always pause…

And I listen —

For the sound of the wind in their wings.  ❤

Everyone’s Gone Shellfishin’

Shellfishing season has arrived at Mill Creek here on Cape Cod, and yesterday afternoon the Landing was a-buzz with activity when I arrived!

Almost as soon as I started down the hill…


I spotted the first fisherman, armed with a long handled rake, waders,  and a big black tub.


From the looks of his technique, it appeared that he’d done a few times before.


A lone seagull, circling back and forth overhead told me that he wasn’t  the only shellfisherman hoping for a good haul that night!


Further out, I spotted a second fisherman trying his luck on the muddy flats.



He, too, had a buddy who was watching his every move, perhaps hoping to be the recipient of a kindhearted scrap or two!



A third fisherman was slowly hauling his catch to shore…


Stopping now and again to check a spot he might have missed…


Ahhh… sweet success!


Finally, as the light started to wane, the beach walkers were turning for home…


And the fishermen were calling it a day, too.


And as I turned to make my own way home, I had a hunch there might be more than a few fishermen who would sleep very well – and full – that night.  😉


Thanks for visiting me here again at Images of Cape Cod.

‘Til next time!