Happy Weekend

Running into the weekend…

With a pair of Semipalmated Plovers!

What a lucky gal am I?   😉


Won’t You Miss Me??

I sure am going to miss these Piping Plovers, when they’re all grown and flown.

The tiniest birds, with the huge personalities.

It’s been an amazing experience, documenting them this season.

May they all fly high and well, in their lives ahead.

And come visit us again, real soon.  ❤

A Gift by the Sea

Just when I think that our Red River Piping Plovers are all grown up, and probably off and away at some other beach

I find one along the shore, scootling in my direction…

Pausing to look, to make sure I am no threat…

Its tiny black bill, still covered with salty sand sprinkles after digging for breakfast.

Someday I know that I’ll arrive at the beach and they will be gone.

But for right now still being able to see them with their family, watching them grow up, is a gift I can’t even begin to describe.

I hope you’ve been enjoying them, too.

Arriving Soon, the Semipalmated Plovers!

Last year was my first introduction to plovers.

First the Black-Bellieds.

And then this charmer, the Semipalmated Plover who’s due to arrive anytime now and stay thru’ October.

Did I say, charmer, or what??  😉  ❤