A Very “Great” Elegance

Sharing a very special visit with a Great Blue Heron that I met recently over at Cockle Cove one early morning.

He was fishing…

In the company of several charming Black Ducks paddling nearby.

The privilege of photographing these birds is an experience like no other for me.

Each time I visit with them holds a different kind of magic.

They can be so graceful, so elegant in their movement…

And even a bit whimsical at times!

I have them to thank for all the magic, and for allowing me to be in their presence.

And I do……   ❤ ❤ ❤


The Gull-Herring Saga Continues at Red River

Ever since my visit to the Brewster herring run I’ve had my eye out for “gull gatherings” at our local runs.

The other morning as I was driving by my home beach I heard the gulls overhead, and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw flashes of sunlit wings up the tiny Red River creek.

Sure enough, the herring were running and the gulls were arriving for breakfast.

Lining up, to wait.

Now years ago, our tiny herring run at Red River had posted the same “No Fishing” signs as the Brewster run.

But you can’t tell the gulls that.

They wait all year for the herring…

As sure as some wait for that first basket of fish ‘n chips at our local clam shacks here on the Cape.

Herring gulls will always be the surest signposts telling us where and when the fish are running.

Order UP!  😉

Red-Wings in the Fog

I love Red-wings.

And I love fog.

Yesterday morning, early, I had the gift of them both at once in the marsh along Red River.

The sounds of the Red-wings pierced the thick salty air as they called back and forth to one another.

Through the fog the birds seemed somehow larger than life; the colors more vivid and their songs, amplified.

I stood there, enraptured.

It was magical.

Ospreys at Forest Beach Marsh – Closeups

I love photographing ospreys at all distances…

But my favorite fun is trying to get closeups of these amazing birds in flight…

When you can literally see the light glowing through their wings.

Not easy, but I do love a challenge.

I loved this one, where everything is out of focus except…


These are AMAZING birds!  😉

Mute Swan Meditation

Even with the crummy, waning light that day, I was thrilled at the sight of this pair of Mute Swans.

I don’t know if there are any beings more graceful…

Or more connected to each other.

Seeing them always fill me with such a calm.

I felt grateful to be in their presence.

At peace.

“Missing” Magic

It had been a busy day at Mill Landing.

I was busy capturing the drama that was unfolding between an eider and a gull, a ways out in the middle of Mill Creek.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a bird landing just yards away from me, just beyond the railing.

I quickly turned to look – and it was a beautiful yellowlegs, getting ready to fish in the shallows. The lighting was PERFECT, the shot might be one of those magic moments.

I turned the camera slowly so I wouldn’t startle him.

But just as I was snapping the picture, the gull I’d been watching screamed something to the eider and I turned my head to look.

I’d snapped the picture, but sadly I’d missed the yellowlegs altogether!

It wasn’t until I got into Photoshop later on that day that I discovered that the camera had somehow, miraculously caught the moment of that yellowlegs’  departure!

Kinda’ cool, huh?

I “miss” plenty of times when I’m out shooting, but this one’s my new favorite “miss”, for sure.

And pretty darn magical.    😉