With the Birds

I do not know why I have become so fascinated with the birds. I think part of it is, I cannot believe... that they allow me to BE there. To let me share their space. And make no mistake... it is, theirs. I believe this is a house finch, dim light, end of day. ❤


Memories of Harvest Beauty

As the experience of seeing my first cranberry harvest becomes more distant in the rear view mirror with each passing day... Images of the incredible beauty that I saw at Jenkins' Bog just become all the more vivid in my mind. To celebrate the experience, I am sharing with you some of my very favorite... Continue Reading →

Gull ‘Foils Photo Shoot

I love watching the parafoils at Cockle Cove beach. Late one breezy afternoon I spotted them sailing high above the dunes and decided to head on over and watch. As always they did not disappoint. But there was this gull. Who seemed determined to be in every shot. I mean seriously, every single shot. Did... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Feast

Once upon a time there was a native Cape Cod girl who'd never been to a cranberry harvest. Until she picked up a camera. I am that Cape Cod girl, and I have to tell you... It was a feast for the eyes! As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun for the... Continue Reading →

A Cape Cod Harvest

I had the most amazing time watching this year's cranberry harvest at a local Harwich bog. For 6 days, off and on, I dropped in on the harvesting process, captivated by this Cape Cod crop that's been grown here for 200 years. It only took me 50 plus years to finally watch one from start... Continue Reading →

New Eyes

I've lived here on Cape Cod my whole life. Yet it wasn't until I picked up the camera and started pointing it outward, in the direction of all that surrounds me. Capturing images of things I'd seen a thousand times before. That I began to see... With new eyes. And it's changed my heart forever.... Continue Reading →

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