O for a Little Peace

O for a little peace.

The kind of peace that comes…

When you’ve put into harbor, dropped the anchor.

And just for a little while,

For better or for worse,

The day is done.

Sunset at Stage Harbor, Chatham

Mute Swan Meditation

Even with the crummy, waning light that day, I was thrilled at the sight of this pair of Mute Swans.

I don’t know if there are any beings more graceful…

Or more connected to each other.

Seeing them always fill me with such a calm.

I felt grateful to be in their presence.

At peace.

Peace among the Geese

I’m not sure what it is…

But when I see Canada geese paddling around in the high tide shallows at Forest Beach marsh at sunset, looking almost like silhouettes in the dim light.

I feel a peace I can’t even begin to explain.