All Things Come

Someone once asked me if I was ever able to capture our local Mamma Osprey feeding her young.

Because of the angle/distance I have to shoot at from below the nest, for a very long time the chicks were impossible to see during feedings.

And by the time they grew tall enough to be seen in the nest, they were pretty much feeding themselves.

Today, for whatever reason, one hungry chick that appears to be the smallest of them all…

Had Mamma all to herself for a real FEAST!

I guess all things do come, to those who wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait.  😉

Yesterday’s Gift: Winter Solstice

It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

Winter Solstice!

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1a-blogSome call it yule, or yuletide…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-2-blogOthers call it midwinter.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-3-blogWhatever you call it, it’s a time for celebration…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-9-blogforestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-5-blogFor quiet reflection…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-7-blogFor singing…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1b-blogFor sharing with those you love…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-10-blogFor being glad you’re alive and letting your light shine.

Whatever that light might be.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-11-blogHappy Winter Solstice!