It’s All About the WINGS!

For weeks now at the local Osprey nest, it’s been all about…

The WINGS!!!

What a fascinating process, watching the osprey chicks slowly begin to learn just what those WINGS are for!

(Lots more photos to come!)

All Things Come

Someone once asked me if I was ever able to capture our local Mamma Osprey feeding her young.

Because of the angle/distance I have to shoot at from below the nest, for a very long time the chicks were impossible to see during feedings.

And by the time they grew tall enough to be seen in the nest, they were pretty much feeding themselves.

Today, for whatever reason, one hungry chick that appears to be the smallest of them all…

Had Mamma all to herself for a real FEAST!

I guess all things do come, to those who wait.

And wait, and wait, and wait.  😉

With Their Eyes to the Skies

Well the baby O’s sure are growing, looking more adult like with each passing day.

When I pull in to visit, I usually find them perching along the edge of the nest.

Flapping their wings more and more, and looking about in all directions.

Their keen focus something they have learned from Mamma O.

Yet they are also looking skyward for Papa O, who will soon become their flight instructor.

But for now they watch.

And they wait.

Keeping their eyes to the skies.