Summer Orange, Summer Not

One of my favorite things about summer is seeing the color ORANGE on full display.

You see it in the lilies spilling over garden fences into the streets…

ForestBeachLoop341-BlogYou see it in butterfly bushes as they offer up their gooey yummy sweets.

ForestBeachLoop868-BlogYou see it in the Cape Cod sunsets, mixed with pastel pinks and blues.

ForestBeach63You see it in the kayaks, in the row boats and canoes!

CapeCod73-BlogYou see it in the marigolds, now reaching their summer peak…

SallyGarden102-BlogYou see it in the —HEY!  How’d HE get in here?

ForestBeachLoop628-BlogOkay, okay, so he’s a little bit early I admit (but then again, not for those of us who long for autumn!).

Bottom line, some say all the best things in life are orange – winter, spring, summer or fall.

And you know? I just might have to agree!  ❤

Blog-Marmee291Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!










My Foxy Lady

Welcome once again to Marmee Monday!

All you animal lovers will understand me when I say this, My Marmee is always with me. No matter where I go, she is never more than a thought away.

Blog-Marmee313Sometimes when I am out on a walk, I’ll see things that remind me of her beautiful orange coat…

Blog-ForestBeachLoop347Her green, green eyes…

MillLanding61The other day I was exploring a new spot with the camera, getting some images of ospreys on a nest.

I was heading for home when all of a sudden there he was, a young red fox trotting right up the hill toward me!

Blog-Fox-O-Hill3A gorgeous fella’, out hunting for his breakfast.

Blog-Fox-O-Hill2He spotted me. I stopped. He stopped, his face full of curious caution.



Then, as if remembering his mother’s lessons about 2-footeds, he began to shift, sniffing along the ground…


He looked up at me again one more time, my oh my…


And then off into the woods he went. Disappearing instantly like some phantom, like all the wild things do, without a sound.

Blog-Fox-O-Hill12But that wasn’t the end of the surprises. Just as I was about to turn off the camera, I looked up and there was a second youngster, sitting like a statue along the bend in the road up ahead.

Blog-Fox-O-Hill13She had the softest eyes. And they were looking for her brother.

Blog-Fox-O-Hill15When she saw me headed her way she started to get up, reluctantly, never shifting her eyes from where she’d seen her brother disappear.


I froze where I stood, barely breathing. She sat down again. Motionless, as if she just wanted to catch a glimpse of Brother Fox to know that everything was okay.



I never like to linger too long around the wild ones, especially on our busy summer roadways. I also wanted these two siblings to be reunited, so I was glad when I heard someone approaching on foot with a dog. Sister Fox sniffed the air in their direction…


And with a quick turn quietly slipped into the tall marsh grass. It made me think of the baseball players in Field of Dreams. There one moment, and then poof! Gone.


I’d been holding my breath for what seemed like forever, trying to keep my heart – and hands – steady enough to get a few photos.

And all the way home, all I kept thinking about was how much those foxes reminded me of my Marmee.

Blog-Marmee306 Her intense gaze, her bright red coat, her tender affection for the ones she loves.

And you’ll have to admit, she really IS a fox… Isn’t she?


Thank for visiting us on Marmee Monday, ’til next time!