November Sunrise Takes a Bow

I felt like I really needed to see the sun rise this morning at Forest Beach; our last November ‘rise for the year.

And I am happy to report that the sight of the rising sun…

This loon rising up to meet it halfway….

The amazing light turning everything in its path to gold…

And yes, even this photo-bombing sparrow who surprised the heck out of his mate…

I came away from the ‘rise feeling good-to-go, ready to face the world again.

And ever so glad I had come!   😉

The Friendly Tufted

I was thrilled the other day when I happened upon a group of playful tufted titmice, twittering in the bushes along a dirt path where I walk.

One tiny fellow in particular, caught my eye.

The light was amazing, why his gray feathers looked almost blue!

Now I am used to tufteds being real skittish. Always flitting about, tough to catch with the camera.

But not this one.

This one seemed to like the camera.

He’d turn this way, then that.

And who was I to argue, I kept right on shooting.

Wow, talk about a pose!

Just then, he looked like he’d been called to.

Perhaps it was his wife, telling him he was being too much of a ham-bone?

In any case,  off he flew!

I walked home, feeling like I’d made a new friend.  😉