Wishing for Peace this Christmas, the kind I find... When I'm out with the birds... ❤


Black Ducks at Cockle Cove – The Rest of the Story

Some weeks ago I posted this image of three black ducks at Cockle Cove. I titled it,  Brothers Three. But what I didn't share was the rest of the story. I'd headed over to Cockle Cove marsh that day with the camera, right around sunset time. And before I even got out of the car... Continue Reading →

Last Catch of the Day

Just when I thought maybe it was too dark at Mill Landing for anymore photos to work. I noticed the last remaining milkweeds along the water's edge looked illuminated. With the creek water behind them, there was just enough light for them to show up. And I was glad I had paused just then, to... Continue Reading →

A Blue Jay’s Acorn Surprise

I've always had a soft spot for blue jays. A bit noisy, yes, and pretty aggressive toward other birds. Still, they are gorgeous! And in the fall, their feathers seem their bluest blue against the backdrop of autumn marsh and sea beyond. And right now, you find them everywhere! Perched in cedar trees, madly collecting... Continue Reading →

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