Footprints in the Sand

I’m not quite sure what it is about footprints in the sand that fascinates me so.

Maybe it’s the mystery of it all – whose prints are these?

What were they thinking or feeling as they walked along?

Have I already passed by them, not knowing that these prints were theirs?

Along with the mystery of it all, I also find footprints in the sand to be incredibly beautiful – when the light is just right, and most especially…

When you add shadows to the mix! 😉


Harrier Hawk Surprise

I love surprises.

Like a few weeks ago when a bird I was photographing from away up on “Osprey Hill” that overlooks Forest beach marsh turned out to be —

A Harrier Hawk, and not the Great Blue Heron I thought it was at first!

I’ve seen Harriers now for years in the marsh, but I’d never seen one down on the ground, out in the middle of the marsh.

Just lookin’ around.  😉

Perhaps he’d just had a good meal?

Perhaps it was a young harrier, just checking things out?

Or maybe…

He was enjoying the after-summer quiet in the marsh…

As much as me.  😉

A Sunset Memory

As the last of the Nor’easter fades away into the night,

I am dreaming of a recent sunset down at Red River Beach.

How the last rays of the setting sun glowed on the faces of everyone who’d come to watch.

How the lifeguard stand rose like a pillar against a sky painted in lavender, pink and peach.

And how long after the sun had made its exit down behind the trees, its hot lava afterglow lingered.

Like a delicious encore.  ❤

The Illusion of Tomorrow

There is a red maple tree down near Mill Landing that has to be one of THE most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

I drove by it a week ago, and after hearing a weather report for tropical storms I knew that I needed to get there soon and capture the tree’s autumnal attire at its peak.

In my short time as a photographer I haven’t always seized the moment; missing many, many images that can never be recreated.

So the following morning, early, I grabbed the camera and headed straight for the tree.

And it was a perfect morning: the early sun’s rays were pouring through the surrounding trees, and the yellow-red maple leaves looked like they were on fire!

No one was around, so I relaxed and got more than a few good captures of the beauty I saw.

The very next day, I passed by the tree after we’d had more wind and rain overnight.

A few dozen leaves still clung to the lowest of its branches, bare limbs glowed starkly in the setting sun’s light, and a yellow-red carpet now covered the ground.

I sincerely hope that a red maple tree has forever etched in my mind the ephemeral nature of “the moment”; the illusion that there will always be a tomorrow.

Take the shot now…   ❤