The Wood Duck, New Life Bird – Day 60

Sharing another “new life Bird” for me, the Wood Duck – and they came as a pair of drakes!

Finally getting the photos edited from this amazing cold, January morning.

Have to put on my “milliner’s hat” for tonight and get our new auction hat for Old Friends up and running – but more pics of these amazing ducks to come!  😉


New “Life Mammal”, the Harp Seal – Day 58

SO excited to share a “new life mammal” I met the other day in PTown — a juvenile harp seal!

After sharing my photos with them, IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) told me that it looks to be an individual that’s been weaned from its mom for at least a year.

Also known as “Saddleback Seals” because of the saddle shaped markings on the backs of the adults…

Some of these seals come down from the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans during the winter months to visit us here on the Cape.

And aren’t WE, the “lucky ones”?

Just LOOK at these gorgeous flippers!  😉

Their Latin name, Pagophilus groenlandicu

Literally means, “ice-loving seal of Greenland.”

This one, captured my heart, as you will see by the images.

And there are more images to come…

SO many more, lol!   ❤ ❤ ❤

Friends and Admirers – Day 46

As many of you know, I am in love with our wintertime Red-breasted Merganzers.

The other day this male at Saquatucket Harbor, in particular, had me over the moon.

I especially loved watching him preen, so methodically, one feather at a time.

In between tiny sips of water…

Tipping his bill upward each and every time.

But I soon discovered, that I was not the only one enjoying the view…

For the Canadas seemed equally enamored!  😉

And who can blame them?

After all, WHO could resist that charming DOO?!


Long-tailed Ducks Love the Chop at Bank Street Beach – Day 20

I was walking Bank Street Beach the other afternoon, photographing gulls.

It was really windy, the seascape full of chop, and it wasn’t one bit easy holding the camera steady.

Just then I noticed something out in the water that I’d never seen before.

A tiny little head, swimming among the eiders and gulls.

And when I saw it pop up again, between the choppy waves, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

What was that?

Three long, long tail feathers, a real short bill with a pink ring, white-gray-black feathers, and black “smudges” on the side of the head that almost looked like ears.

Was this a bird, or a dog?!  😉

I later found out that it was a Long-tailed Duck…

And he wasn’t alone!

Long-taileds breed in the far Arctic regions, wintering here on the East Coast and on the West Coast as well.

And lucky for me, unlike most ducks the Long-taileds sport their striking plumage during nonbreeding season.

I sure would’ve hated to miss those tail feathers, they were outa’ this world!

I thought I counted three ducks in all, and they were busy as beavers; flying to and fro abruptly, then diving under the waves with great splashes.

When I turned to leave, I thanked them for visiting with me and becoming my newest “new life bird”.

Shaky camera and all, they took my breath away!   😉