Sun Rising at Forest Beach – August 7, 2018

I hadn’t been to Forest Beach to see the sunrise in a long, long time.

And yesterday’s rising, did not disappoint.

At that early hour, you could juuust make out the shapes in the far osprey nest in the marsh.

By the time I had made my way down to the shore, the sun had cleared the treetops and was lazily hovering over the houses that line the beach.

Its glowing radiance echoed in the gentle waves spilling toward shore…

In the windows of a nearby beach house…

And on the bellies of the stints that were feeding and preening at the water’s edge.

It was the kind of sunrise that made you so grateful for the quiet.

The kind you can only truly relish, when all is still and hushed.

When I finally headed back to my car, I could see the sun out beyond the marsh, continuing its slow rise through the hot, humid air.

Oh to be an osprey, I whispered, Out there in the marsh!

Wakening to such magic, each and every morning…  ❤


The Inspiration of Ospreys

Seeing a family of Osprey chicks learn, one by one, how to fly has been one of the most amazing life experiences.

What that must FEEL like.

To suddenly lift up, to become airborne…

I find the whole process incredibly moving, and very inspiring.

And I thank these majestic wild birds, for that.   ❤

After Buck Moon – Waning Gibbous Moonset 7-30-18

Just made it for the moonset this morning at Forest Beach, and I always say it’s even more special when you get to share it with a friend!

After our Full Buck Moon on the 27th, the moon is now in its Waning Gibbous Phase thru’ August 4th. Each day we watch its illumination get a bit smaller, and a bit smaller.

For me, every moon phase I see is more beautiful than the last one.

I somehow think, my little friend quite agreed!

Time Keeps on Terning, Terning

This summer has been really different for me – documenting a Piping Plover family, then an Osprey family with the camera.

Such new experiences, rewarding beyond words to describe.

In any case, I guess I hadn’t realized just how much time had passed since I’d checked in on the Least Terns down at Red River.

And when I arrived at the creek, the sky was filled with newly fledged tern young ‘uns and their prouder-than-proud parents, woo HOO!!

Scooting down on the tidal flats, I watched the chicks being fed by their parents.

Some of the chicks must have worked up quite an appetite with their new flight maneuvers, for they sure were hungry for those tiny fish to make it into their mouths – and as FAST as possible!!

The tireless parents, flying out over the water and back again, kept bringing them more, and more…

And more!

I smiled when I thought about how I almost hadn’t gone to the beach this morning, what with the gray skies overhead and the crowds that I knew would soon be gathering.

But the joy of watching the interactions between these proud terns and their kids sure filled my world with more than a little sunshine.

And made me feel so glad that I’d come!   😉

Shifting Seasons – A Tiny Hint of Autumn


I’ve been busy lately, documenting our local Osprey nest.

So this morning when I popped in at Red River Beach and found that the rosehips had fully ripened…

And the surrounding flora and fauna…

Had already taken on that delicious hint of Autumn —

It made my heart dance with anticipation for cooler, quieter days…  😉

It’s All About the WINGS!

For weeks now at the local Osprey nest, it’s been all about…

The WINGS!!!

What a fascinating process, watching the osprey chicks slowly begin to learn just what those WINGS are for!

(Lots more photos to come!)