The Richness of Friends

I love meeting new friends.

Like the ones I met on my walk this morning around the ‘hood.

Benny the Bunny was first. He had the darkest brown eyes and he was the best model ever, never twitching a whisker.

I heard  Lewis, long before I spotted him. The politest fellow you’d ever want to meet, and myohmy, could he ever SING!

I’d never met a bank swallow until today. Meet Sydney, who claimed he’d found THE best spot for a nest right there along the channel at Mill Landing.

And ahhh… Miss Henrietta. She had the softest feathers that gleamed in the sun, and a coo that made your ears feel like they’d just been caressed. Roger the Rabbit brought up the rear. A comical little fellow, he was. And I didn’t get a picture of it but he had THE cutest, fluffiest cottony tail I’ve ever seen in my life!

I sure hope I see them all again soon.

I’ve always said that a person is rich, as long as they have good friends.  😉



Evenings at the Mill

Evenings are my favorite time at Mill Landing.

It’s a time to talk over the day with friends.

But mostly… it’s the quiet time.

Time to breathe in the beauty that surrounds you.

Let the cares of the day slip away with the tide and just —


‘Night from the Mill!





Awaiting the PINK MOON

Pink Moon, another harbinger of spring that is named not for its color but for the time when pink-hued wild ground phlox is in bloom, arrives early tomorrow morning at 2:08 a.m EST!!

We are expecting cloudy skies tomorrow night, and so…

I am posting a few images now of what we have been seeing in our skies leading up to this momentous event.

Welcome, welcome, Pink Moon… Cape Cod style!  😉




The Snowies Are Here!

I was driving to the marsh last evening, certain that the light was fading much too fast and the air too chill for anything to be out and about.

And then – out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white!

A seagull? No, too tall for a gull.

Or could it BE? A Snowy? This early?

I pulled the car over and hopped out, my heart racing and my camera ready.

And there he was, a Snowy! And those glorious white feathers such a contrast to the matted brown marsh grass that framed him. He looked a bit tousled and dazed, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Red River creek was his very first stop.

How I have been longing for the these elegant, whimsical harbingers of spring to return. They are for sure one of my very favorite summer marsh companions and I have missed them since their fall departures.

And this clever one spotted me right away, I had but a moment to steady my trembling hands for a shot.

One click, then two, and up, up, and away he flew!

Sailing away with those skinny black and yellow legs trailing behind him, he faded into a pale, cloudless sky and was gone.

Almost as if he’d never been there.

But he sure was.

I’ll be looking for you, dear Snowy, you and all the others as you return to this, your Cape Cod summer home!  😉







“I’m BUSY!”


That’s what I love most about Chickadees.

This morning I was trying to get a nice photo of Mr. Chickadee. It snowed overnight, and I was dying to capture him in his top hat and tails against the frosted trees.

I followed him with my camera for the longest time as he flitted here, then there, then back again.

‘Til I finally heard him exclaim, “Pardon me, but I simply don’t have time to pose for you today, you see I’m rather BUSY getting my breakfast!” as he plunged his whole head into the soft bark of yet another tree.

sallygarden216-blogAnd busy he was,  so pardon me, indeed!   😉