The Serenity of Swans – Day 95

This morning on my way to photograph an  osprye nest replacement platform that Eversource utility built for the ospreys (long story)…

I saw a flash of white, by the bridge at Herring River.

I simply had… to stop.

Perhaps I was in need of some beauty…

Or perhaps, a little peace.

In any case, I am so very glad I took the time, to look upon this stunning creature.

How we do need to see “the Beauty”, in a world filled with far too much of “the ugly’.

It’s a new day, tomorrow, and a new chance to look for that Beauty, again.

‘Night all. ❤


Mute Swan Meditation

Even with the crummy, waning light that day, I was thrilled at the sight of this pair of Mute Swans.

I don’t know if there are any beings more graceful…

Or more connected to each other.

Seeing them always fill me with such a calm.

I felt grateful to be in their presence.

At peace.

Sunday Best… With a Few Hiccups

Good morning and welcome once again to Sunday Best here at Images of Cape Cod!

We have a terrific lineup for you today so let’s get started.

Contestant #1, this lovely Mute Swan seen gliding down the Mill Landing channel – a stunning image of white perfection with bright orange bill (and knob) and black “silk stocking” legs.


Contestant #2, an exquisite female Mallard seen bathing in Red River with all her gal pals.

The essence of beauty, this lady with the prettiest deep purple splash of feathers just wouldn’t stand still for a pose.

So we named her Diva Duck. Lovingly, of course.


Our adorable Prayer Rabbit who’s been working very hard this week to get us some cooler air.

(We think he’s got connections.)


Then we have Harry, the Black Backed Gull who…


Hold on a moment, folks, Harry, come on Harry, let’s go!


Harry, you look fine, perfect even, let’s GO!  We’ve got people waiting to vote!


Alright Harry, this is your last call, “Strike a POSE”! There you go!

Uh, well, I guess even the BACK side is better than nothing!


And last but not least, we have Contestant #5, this charming red-capped fellow all in fluorescent green with red flag.

He’s been doing his darnedest to get his message across to some of our speedy Cape Cod visitors.


And there you have them, our lineup for today.

Please pick your favorite and add him/her to the Reply box, and thank you!

Enjoy your Sunday!!