Super Blue Blood Moon Show Foiled by Clouds on Cape Cod

Well it looked like all systems were go here just before 6 AM yesterday morning.

As I stepped out onto the crunchy snow I could see the moon, full and bright, through the trees.

All I could think of was how amazing this moment was going to be – witnessing this rare “Moon Punch” known as Super Blood Blue Moon that moon-gazers like me dream about!

But then I noticed something through my lens.

A wisp of clouds was passing over the lower edges of the moon.

Within moments, a thick bank of clouds had risen up to greet the setting moon just as the show was about to begin.

I did my best to get a few shots of it thru’ the trees before it got totally covered up.

And then I stopped, and just stared up at that big beautiful orb in the sky.

Soaking in this exquisite moment as the full moon was setting in the West, the sky brightening in the East.

And I thought to myself, Super Blue Blood Moon or no Super Blue Blood Moon.

I do believe I’ll take this kind of magic, anytime.