Last Catch of the Day

Just when I thought maybe it was too dark at Mill Landing for anymore photos to work.

I noticed the last remaining milkweeds along the water’s edge looked illuminated.

With the creek water behind them, there was just enough light for them to show up.

And I was glad I had paused just then, to notice.

Come Walk with Me – October 17, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted one of my Forest Beach loop walks with you.

The water was still and calm when I arrived at the beach last evening; the buoys barely moving.

Plenty of other things were moving, though.

I could see an elderly couple up the beach searching for shells, while a pair of adorable long-haired dachsunds were frolicking in the water…

And checking out the tasty treats along the shore.

By the time I got to the backside of the marsh, the golden light was at its peak.

I couldn’t resist a shot of my favorite cut.  😉

A young crow called to me at the top of the hill leading down to Mill Creek.

What is it about crows that always makes me smile?

I do believe he was telling me to Hurry! hurry! Look and see!. Quickly now!

Turning back to the incredible view all I could do was sigh.

I wait all year for the kind of burnt orange colors I see at sunset in the fall there at Mill Creek…

And up at the adjoining Taylor Pond.

Everything is on fire. And if you make it there at just the right moment, it’ll take your breath away for sure.

Just then, I heard an old familiar sound, Crraaawwwk!!

Sure enough, a great blue had just touched down out by the shellfishing buoy markers at the landing.

Slowly wading through the shallow water in the waning light, like some silent movie star…

He paused now and again to check out things that were moving, just beneath the surface.

On my way back up the hill, I had to look back one more time, as I always do.

Soaking in one more glimpse of this beauty to carry me home, I whispered Good Night to all.

Upon my return to Forest Beach, I could see that the sunset curtain had come down there as well.

The dogs had left, the sun had found a pillow somewhere, and the sky had turned from bold blues to dreamy pinks and peaches.

Thank you for joining me on my walk.

‘Til the next time!  😉









Memorial Day, Part II – Mill Landing

Mill Landing was my second stop this Memorial Day, and the neighborhood was abuzz with activity!

With the help of some recent sunshine, all the spring flowers were standing up tall and looking their best.

Across the channel, I could see beachcombers out early, hunting for shells.

And beyond them it looked like someone was taking their motor boat out for a first spin.

Above me, Papa Osprey had done well in his hunt for his wife’s breakfast…

Won’t she be pleased….  😉

And this delightful song sparrow popped up behind me with a song in his heart and quite the story to tell!

Yesindeedy, everyone was busy-busy heralding in the new summer season.

All that is, except for one.

Perhaps he’d arrived with the tourists and had jet lag…

Getting started on his summer tan, catching a few rays?

Or maybe he’d eaten too many crab legs and simply couldn’t move!? (Seagulls have been known to do that, now and again.)

In any case I had to move, for the next stop was Forest Beach!  😉








Evenings at the Mill

Evenings are my favorite time at Mill Landing.

It’s a time to talk over the day with friends.

But mostly… it’s the quiet time.

Time to breathe in the beauty that surrounds you.

Let the cares of the day slip away with the tide and just —


‘Night from the Mill!





Merganzer Magic

I love merganzers, especially the red-breasted variety with their amazing crests!

I came upon this beautiful pair late yesterday at Mill Landing.

Now I know they say that often in the bird kingdom it’s the males of the species who really shine.

And this male red-breasted truly was a most dashing fellow, to be sure.

But somehow, for me, it was his Lady Fair who took my breath away…

She was perfectly coiffed, her red button eyes bright and gleaming in the setting sun’s light. Her reddish feathers a stunning contrast to the blue and gold reflections on the water.

The two seemed most taken with one another.

He never let her out of his sight, and I could hear them exchanging gentle murmerings whenever they passed each other by in the swirling current.

Once they spotted me along the shore, they were up and away.

I hope I didn’t ruin their day.

They certainly made mine.




Coming in for a Landing

There’s nothing I love more than ending my day with a trip to Mill Landing, and yesterday’s visit did not disappoint.

ForestBeachLoop895-BlogThe tide was low, and the Snowies were out fishing for their dinner.

ForestBeachLoop891B-BlogAccompanied, of course, by their buddies the Great Egrets whose tall, statuesque white bodies you can spot from a mile away.

ForestBeachLoop892-BlogThere’s nothing quite like seeing a Snowy poised to snatch a fish from the shallows, backlit with the setting sun…

ForestBeachLoop893-BlogYou just never know what you’ll see when you visit the Landing.

Perhaps a tern eyeballing what the willet’s fixing for dinner…

ForestBeachLoop896-BlogOr a host of daisies catching the last rays of the sun.

ForestBeachLoop845-BlogWhy you might even spot some crazy seagull, buzzing the osprey tower. After all, gulls will be gulls!  😉

ForestBeachLoop894-BlogIt sighed as I turned for home. It had been just the medicine I needed after a hot, hectic day in the studio. A peaceful moment, as always, when I needed it most.

ForestBeachLoop895-BlogThanks for visiting with me!