Sow the Seed

Well I thought I had missed them for sure.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Mill Landing to find that the milkweed pods were still holding onto some of their silk —

And SEEDS before sending them out into the world!

As a child when we’d come across them in a field, I thought milkweeds were just ugly, sad-looking useless clumps of dying plants that were once so pretty to look at.

Until I discovered that among other things they are a monarch butterfly’s only salvation.

It’s almost too incredible to believe, but it’s the toxins in a milkweed plant, consumed by monarchs during the summertime, that protect them from predators as they migrate to Mexico each year.

But even if that weren’t wondrous enough, I have come to love milkweeds in autumn.

I love how their silky, gossamer-like threads…

And tiny flat brown seeds…

Finally burst from their bulging pods to sail far and wide on the Cape Cod breezes to spread their kind.

I even find the decaying pods themselves to be beautiful not only in color but in shape and texture as well.

Why THIS one, could almost be a HAT!  😉

As I turned for home, I was just so glad that I hadn’t missed them after all.

These tiny plants, that a small child once called ugly and plain, actually sow life and beauty through their seeds.

This year the milkweeds are reminding me, that we need every single seed.