Beauty Still Lives – Day 87 (Pt. II)

This evening I went in search of Beauty.

And thankfully, found it.

In the soaking wet, drenched head of a gorgeous Red-breasted Merganser drake…

Just coming into his adult feathers…

And diving for squiggling, wriggling fish in the fading harbor light.

Yesindeed, Beauty still LIVES!  ❤ ❤ ❤

It was Ladies’ Day in the Sun – Day 79

I know everyone always gets totally bedazzled when they see the male Red-breasted Mergansers.

And they are, indeed, handsome devils.


The other day at the Chatham Fish Pier, it was all about the LADIES!

Sailing along on the choppy sea, they were coiffed to perfection.

And dive after dive, their feathers held up, beautifully.

I think they appreciated my oooh’s and my aahhhh’s, as they so often feel overshadowed by their handsome male counterparts.

And as I walked away I couldn’t help wondering what kind of gel they used, the hold in all that wind and chop — was simply AMAZING!  😉

You GO girls! 

Entering Stage Left, Lady Red-breasted Merganser – Day 64

A loverly Red-breasted Merganser who entered, Stage Left on Macmillan Wharf, when I was in PTown a little over a week ago.

She was just one, of many treasures that day…

Red-breasted Merganser, Finding His Way- Day 57

I met my very first immature male Red-breasted Merganser today, with its feathers just starting to morph into the adult color palette.

When I asked someone about him, they used the words “messy” to describe the feather coloring.

I, personally, found him to be BEAUTIFUL, just as he is!

And anyway… isn’t all growth, life, art, relationships, messy at best??   😉

A Sure Cure for the Winter Grays: Merganser Zest – Day 54

Sharing such a lovely Red-breasted Merganser fellow I met along Town Cove in Orleans.

Fortunately for me, it was right around sunset time AND — he was mighty hungry…

Diving, and diving for dinner!

So he paid little heed to my presence, and I got the chance to get a few more images than usual.

These birds have been such wonderful companions this winter…

Adding so much life and color and ZING! to our gray, wintry Cape Cod seascapes.

I will miss them, when they leave us in the Spring, and will be looking for them again come fall.