Hitting the Beach Once Again

It was blissfully quiet as I headed up Forest Beach early this morning.

Just me and the ospreys out at the far nest, who by the way have a very full house for the summer.

And the same Willet I’ve been noticing in the dunes who sure looks all the world like he’s guarding a nest somewhere close by.

And then of course…

The terns!

Least Terns, clearly still very much engaged in their courtship rituals…

Which always seemed to include the offering of tiny fish!

Sometimes it worked.

Sometimes not.

But regardless, they all seemed to be having a good time, and the air was filled with their conversations — and WINGS!  😉

As I walked back down the beach, I couldn’t help remembering that years ago I was a typical sun worshipping Cape Cod girl.

But thanks to this tiny camera of mine, I have discovered a whole new reason to slather on the sunscreen and bug spray — and hit the beaches once again.

It sure feels good to be back.  😉