It’s the Little Things

The Cape is known for its beautiful salt marshes and beaches, for its beautiful big sky views and dreamy sunsets.

But for me, some of the real magic of the Cape is in the little things…


The small, everyday things you find here along the marsh, by the sea…



If you just take a moment or two…


Shift your focus from the big picture to a smaller one…


Open your eyes wide and really LOOK…


You will find them all, I promise you.

Tiny treasures, magic moments.

Right there in front of you.


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Surprise Packages

My walks each day feel like surprise packages.

When I set out, camera in hand, I have no idea what I am going to see as I walk along.


Or who


What might inspire me…


Or make me giggle…


What might fill me with a calm…


Or amaze me with its splendor in the smallest of packages.


What I do know is that when I wake up I look forward to my walks, each and every day.

The beauty that I see here on Cape Cod fills me with a peace I cannot even begin to describe.

Even in the most ordinary of moments, there is a light and a feel to this place that I have never found anywhere else.



I hope you have enjoyed some of the images that made today’s walk special for me.


And thank you for letting me share them with you!



I Have the Best Models, and They All Work for Free

People ask me how I get my birds and rabbits to strike the perfect poses.

I tell them, I don’t do anything!

When I go out to photograph the wildlife of my native Cape Cod, I literally walk into their world. I do not feed them, I do not encourage them in any way to pose or even to sit still. I simply take them as they are, for however long they will allow.

And somehow, by some kind of miracle, I wind up with the best models in the world — and most of them bring their own FOOD!  😉

Like this little song sparrow I met the other day over at Forest Beach Marsh.

I was walking along the back side of the marsh when he suddenly he popped up in front of me,  landing in some ivy.

And shall we say, well, ahem… he looked a little bit disheveled for starters.


But he combed his hair, cleaning up real nice, and got right down to business.

He gazed straight into the camera.


He was ready for his closeup.


He turned to the left.

His left.


He turned to the right.


He gave me his best Josh Grobin imitation; his eyes filled with wistful expression.


I had just enough time for one final closeup…


And a bow…


And then he was gone, just as suddenly as he had come!

I headed for home marveling once again about what a blessing it is to take photos of the critters that I see, to be allowed to peek into their world.

Even for a moment.

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