Ducks in a Row – Day 4

It was a morning of fretfulness and unease as I pulled into the harbor, my head filled with worries about a project that had left me feeling all at loose ends.

I knew that what I needed more than anything was to get my ducks in a row, so I could get back to enjoying the project again.

Unable to relax, I was just about to leave the harbor when I spotted her.

A female Mallard duck, perched on the slipway, head tucked, taking a nap.

And a lovely Lady she was indeed!

But I wasn’t the only one to notice, for in no time a charming Gentleman Mallard swam up and hopped onto the slipway beside her.

He looked my way, just once…

And then joined her in a snooze.

Then along came another Lady Mallard…

And another Gentleman as well.

It was a Slipway Party!

Some lively chatter commenced, a little preening and a lot of bill scratching.

And when the three visitors heard something across the harbor, they all popped up and looked just like little soldiers at attention.

Yet through it all, our first Lady Duck had not moved, not one inch.

She seemed so at ease, I envied her calm.

And then, I smiled.

She was resting easy.

She had all her ducks in a row.  😉

It was time for me to head home to my project, and do the same!

Paddle On

Another wonderful moment from the cranberry harvest.

Fitting for a day when it’s all about paddling on, about keeping on.

‘Got my duck boots, ON!  😉

Have a good day everyone.  ❤





Summer Winding Down

You can see, smell and almost taste a Cape Cod summer as it winds down.

A humid haze lays thick over everything. And everyone.

ForestBeachLoop904-BlogThe rosehips are at their very best, all orangey-red and ready for picking for those with a fondness for jam.

ForestBeachLoop900-BlogEven the slowest among the osprey “juvies” have mastered the fishing skills they’ll need for the long flights south.

ForestBeachLoop906-BlogJabbering flocks of young sparrows seem to line every telephone pole, delighting us with their melodic runs and winged gymnastics.

ForestBeachLoop909-BlogFragile pink mallows wave in the soft sea breeze, framed by cat o’ nine tails standing tall and watching over them.

ForestBeachLoop-905-BlogThe great blue herons are back, those who left when summer crowds descended, their statuesque frames unmistakable as they peer into quiet pools at dusk.

ForestBeachLoop907-BlogThick bushes of pokeweed, sadly toxic for us, will ripen soon to the delight of every tiny bird along the marsh as they will do their part to scatter the seeds far and wide.

ForestBeachLoop908-BlogFor some, the end of summer is a sad time. Vacations come to a close, it’s time to return to jobs, schools and familiar routines.

For me it’s a time of jubilation as my heart beats a little faster in anticipation of all the sights and sounds of my favorite season awakening…

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