The Return of Cape Cod Dorothy

I love what I do for a living. Creating couture millinery for ladies attending the Kentucky Oaks and the Derby, weddings, teas and garden parties gives me more pleasure than I can even begin to describe.

Here are just a few of the amazing hats that we have created so far this season!

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And it happens every year.

Once the hectic time of Derby season has come and gone, I feel like Dorothy.

Slowly I open the door, and I step back out into this world here on Cape Cod that has just begun to awaken to SPRING.

The tulips are back…


The “Finchie Hattons” can be seen at their treetop perches, singing to beat the band!


Some of the most delicate flowers imaginable have popped up, telling us that they, too, have survived the winter and are ready to celebrate!


The trees are filled once again with the most gorgeous birds, their calls filling the air with an excitement that matches my own.


It’s all beginning again, this wondrous time on the Cape that never ceases to amaze and delight me. Especially now that I am BACK – in the Land of OZ!

It will continue to be a busy hat season but the crunchy-crunch time of Derby has passed and I have rejoined the ranks of nature lovers here on the Cape who simply can’t get enough right now of the sounds and colors and images that surround us.

So get ready for lots more, and this may be a little late but – Happy Spring everybody!  🙂