Come on-a my House – Day 66

Isn’t it somethin’… Just when you think there’s nothin’ going on in a particular moment.

It’s frigid cold outside, the harbor’s all iced in, so no major sea bird activity.

And then, out of nowhere, these tiny House Sparrows show up!

Full of song…

All dewy-eyed wonder for one another.

And you know?

Suddenly, it just didn’t feel so cold anymore…

It was starting to feel like –


A Whole Lotta’ Somethin’ – on Day 5

It was cold out.

Cold, gray, and that “Cape Cod raw” like you read about.

And when I headed out on my walk, I thought there would be nothing going on in the marsh to see…

When — there he was!

Standing alone, out in the middle of the marsh.

As blue as I’ve ever seen a Great Blue Heron look!

I got a bit distracted when I heard tiny little peeps calling to me from the bushes along the marsh.

Why, it was a charming pair of House Sparrows, popping up to say, “Hello”!

Just then, I noticed how beautiful the cat o’nine tails looked right in front of me, just ripening and ready to burst.

‘Funny, how quickly I had gone from thinking there’d be a whole lotta’ nothin’ to see out in the marsh that morning…

To realizing, once again, like so many times before…

That there’s always a whole lotta’ somethin’ out there to see and hear.

If you just stop.


And look.   ❤