Up on the Housetop, House Finch Calls

There I was, photographing a pair of Red-winged hawks at one of our local churches.

But I was clearly distracted.

I kept hearing this sound behind me.

A pleasant, yet persistant chirping sound.

Finally I turned, and looked up.

And there he was, the tiny culprit!

It was a young house finch, cute as a button; looking straight at me and cocking his head to one side.

Don’t you think I am worth even just one photograph?? he said to me.

Look at me, look at me! I’m every bit as charming as those Red-Taileds you see!

And indeed.

He surely was.

And more than worthy of all 50 shots that I took of him, with all his charms.

And then, away he flew, calling to me over his shoulder, Let me know when my Audubon cover will be out on newsstands!



With the Birds

I do not know why I have become so fascinated with the birds.

I think part of it is, I cannot believe… that they allow me to BE there.

To let me share their space.

And make no mistake… it is, theirs.

I believe this is a house finch, dim light, end of day.