Such a Rare, Blue Morning – Day 50

It was a sunny winter morning, and I had been photographing eiders along the dock at Wychmere.

I happened to look across the water, and just beyond our roving harbor band of buffleheads I spotted a Great Blue Heron on the opposite shore.

A sucker for a heron (of any shape and size), I hopped in the car and headed to the other side of the harbor for a quick look-see.

When I arrived, there by the corner of the dock stood a Great Blue; backlit by a rising sun that was making his feathers absolutely glow.

And it was clear to me, right from the start, from the look in his eye, that he knew I was there.

Yet he didn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he seemed quite content; unusual for a bird that is usually so wary.

So I relaxed too, thrilled for the chance to photograph such a magnificent bird.

And as I shot frame after frame it felt like time was standing still, right there between the two of us.

I wanted to pinch myself, so grateful to be in the presence of such a quiet yet powerful beauty.

I was almost afraid to breathe as the camera clicked away, collecting every detail that time would allow.

At one point the Great flew a few yards to the muddy shoreline.

Still aware of me, yet still in no hurry to go anywhere.

And then it crossed my mind, I wonder if he’s as curious about me as I am about him?

As humans we assume that we are the observers; the wild ones, the observed.

Would it be such a stretch to think that perhaps we share more of a curiosity of one another than we may have imagined?

And wouldn’t that make us more akin, than different?

Just then the Great Blue turned, lifted up those enormous, sun-drenched wings, and sailed away without a sound…

Leaving me with much to ponder.

And a memory that would be with me forever.  ❤

A Heron Green Kind of Day

Every chance I get, I run with my camera to be with the birds.

It can be the worst of days, yet just being near them takes me away.

Away to a better place.

Like it was back in early June, on the day I met a very special heron out at Cockle Cove.

I was out on my walk, feeling kinda’ blue and misty-eyed about my Marmee kitty who hadn’t been feeling well.

Searching for Snowies in the marsh, I had just come up and over a dune and there he was

Standing like a statue along the edge of the channel at low tide in all his feathered splendor.

I immediately froze, then slowly readied the camera.

I knew he was aware of me, yet somehow he didn’t seem to mind.

Clearly his focus was on the shallow pools in front of him full of tiny minnows writhing and wriggling to find deeper, safer waters.

Just watching him through my lens, I got completely absorbed in what he was doing.

Drawn into his world, I felt like I could stay there forever.

I marveled at his beauty, his balanced movements that were at once slow and graceful yet pulsing with that charged tension known only to the wild ones.

Just then he gathered himself as if he was about to mobilize.

The reason became obvious when I heard people approaching the dunes with their dogs.

In a heartbeat, he was off!

But not before I got a chance to thank him for the pleasure of turning my not-so-good day…

From misty blue to heron green.  😉

A Very “Great” Elegance

Sharing a very special visit with a Great Blue Heron that I met recently over at Cockle Cove one early morning.

He was fishing…

In the company of several charming Black Ducks paddling nearby.

The privilege of photographing these birds is an experience like no other for me.

Each time I visit with them holds a different kind of magic.

They can be so graceful, so elegant in their movement…

And even a bit whimsical at times!

I have them to thank for all the magic, and for allowing me to be in their presence.

And I do……   ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s Good to be Back

When I started this entry today I couldn’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged and I have really missed it!

When I get busy, I will often post my photos on my Facebook page, however these have not been making it to my blog!

So starting now I am going to try and blog first, then funnel everything over to Facebook.

In the meantime here is one of my very favorite images this fall.

I was out photographing at Ridgevale Beach, right around sunset.

And I kept hearing two Great Blue Herons “conversing” out in the marsh that’s near the beach.

Suddenly UP they both flew, one chasing the other.

Then, all went quiet.

After a time I spotted one of the Great Blues flying out over the water, against the pinkest sunset sky.

Here is that magical moment…

The Dance – Snowy Egret at Taylor Pond

As we look forward to seeing the SUN again today, I wanted to share a recent encounter with a Snowy Egret I saw at Taylor Pond at dusk.

It was a fairly gray evening at the pond, and I spotted him as soon as I parked.

Opening the car door slowly I could see him wading forward along the water’s edge; stirring up prey on the bottom and leaving bubbles in his wake.

He seemed to glow against a gray backdrop that was almost completely still except for his own shimmering reflection.

And bubbles.

The light was iffy, but I was so mesmerized by this elegant bird that I decided to take a few shots anyway.

I was rewarded almost immediately, for just then he suddenly dove head first into the water…

And pulled up something small and wriggling.

One quick gulp and whatever it was, was gone!

I’m so glad I’d taken the risk with the camera and captured the moment.

This moment, this dance between bird and water and reflection.

I hope you enjoyed it too!  😉