Welcome Morning… at Ridgevale Beach

I love mornings at Ridgevale Beach. For the light. For the birds I find there. This time of year, I'll see great egrets and snowies... Terns and laughing gulls, piping plovers. Some flying low over the tidal flats... Others feeding in the shallows. Crouched down with camera in hand, this is pretty much my idea... Continue Reading →


It’s Summer and the Clambake’s Just Gettin’ Started

Looking out across the marsh last evening you'd never know it was the first day of summer - the sea look gray-blue and mighty stormy. We've had an unusually gray, wet spring thus far on the Cape, worst in a decade they say. But the clammy clime hasn't stopped Cape Cod summer fever for those... Continue Reading →

Party Time at the Mill

Mill Landing this weekend seemed like it was going to be all about the great egrets. Each time I visited it seemed like any which way I turned, to the pond or to the flats, there they were. Fishing in the shallows... At long last, having the 'hood all to themselves for a change. That... Continue Reading →

Look Who’s Back!

I'm back in the marshes this week, camera in tow, after a busy Derby hat season. And today I discovered --- so are "The Greats"!! Somehow, all is right with the world once our great egrets return to Cape Cod. Do they take your breath away, too??  😉 'Til next time! Save Save

Coming in for a Landing

There's nothing I love more than ending my day with a trip to Mill Landing, and yesterday's visit did not disappoint. The tide was low, and the Snowies were out fishing for their dinner. Accompanied, of course, by their buddies the Great Egrets whose tall, statuesque white bodies you can spot from a mile away.... Continue Reading →

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