It’s Good to be Back

When I started this entry today I couldn’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged and I have really missed it!

When I get busy, I will often post my photos on my Facebook page, however these have not been making it to my blog!

So starting now I am going to try and blog first, then funnel everything over to Facebook.

In the meantime here is one of my very favorite images this fall.

I was out photographing at Ridgevale Beach, right around sunset.

And I kept hearing two Great Blue Herons “conversing” out in the marsh that’s near the beach.

Suddenly UP they both flew, one chasing the other.

Then, all went quiet.

After a time I spotted one of the Great Blues flying out over the water, against the pinkest sunset sky.

Here is that magical moment…


Picture Riddle Photography

Do you remember those picture riddles when you were a kid?

You’d be shown a picture and then asked the question, “Can you find the ______ in this picture?”

Well that’s how it is for me whenever I land at one of my favorite spots like Forest Beach marsh to watch for wildlife.

Once I park the car and get out, I look out at the marsh to see what’s in the picture before me.

At first, unless there’s something really big going on, everything looks pretty still and quiet.

Especially this time of year, with all of the ospreys now gone.

Yet I have learned to be patient.

To let myself relax, unwind a bit. Let my eyes move slowly beyond what’s obvious, along the edges of the marsh, into the shadows.

Some days, I’ll spot nothing. But other times, I’ll notice something that looks a little different – a movement, a color, a shape.

So I zoom in, and there!

A great blue heron who was right there all the time, peeking out through the tall marsh grass along the far edge of the marsh near the woods.

I just wasn’t able to see it at first.

And what a beauty!

Such a nice reward in return for just a little patience, don’t you think?

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Oh to Be a Painter…

I was leaving Cockle Cove after a not-so-great morning with the camera.

Nothing special had crossed my lens, and it looked like the good salt air in my lungs was going to be my catch of the day.

And then I spotted him, on a tiny muck island in the middle of the creek.

A great blue heron!

But there was something different about this fellow.

I pulled the car over and hopped out, hoping to get a closer look.

Standing motionless on one leg, folded up like an accordion, the great bird was peering intently into the still, calm water. His bill pointing toward something – or someone – just below the water’s surface.

I had caught him in mid-hunt.

Just then, he broke off from his intense gaze and began to straighten up.

Slowly, he unfurled and stretched out a wing, the very tip just touching the water.

Then, a leg. Like some great yoga master.

Then, he stopped. Looking straight ahead…

And in one fluid motion lifted up, up, in a blur of feathers and was gone!

And as I drove away all I could think was, If only I were a painter.

I’d be running home to my paints and brushes, desperate to recapture the magic that I had just seen.

This amazing creation of feathers, heart, bill and bone.

This masterpiece.   ❤














Summer Winding Down

You can see, smell and almost taste a Cape Cod summer as it winds down.

A humid haze lays thick over everything. And everyone.

ForestBeachLoop904-BlogThe rosehips are at their very best, all orangey-red and ready for picking for those with a fondness for jam.

ForestBeachLoop900-BlogEven the slowest among the osprey “juvies” have mastered the fishing skills they’ll need for the long flights south.

ForestBeachLoop906-BlogJabbering flocks of young sparrows seem to line every telephone pole, delighting us with their melodic runs and winged gymnastics.

ForestBeachLoop909-BlogFragile pink mallows wave in the soft sea breeze, framed by cat o’ nine tails standing tall and watching over them.

ForestBeachLoop-905-BlogThe great blue herons are back, those who left when summer crowds descended, their statuesque frames unmistakable as they peer into quiet pools at dusk.

ForestBeachLoop907-BlogThick bushes of pokeweed, sadly toxic for us, will ripen soon to the delight of every tiny bird along the marsh as they will do their part to scatter the seeds far and wide.

ForestBeachLoop908-BlogFor some, the end of summer is a sad time. Vacations come to a close, it’s time to return to jobs, schools and familiar routines.

For me it’s a time of jubilation as my heart beats a little faster in anticipation of all the sights and sounds of my favorite season awakening…

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All of A December’s Eve

There’ll be no walk tonight as I listen to the rain on the roof, the cars splish-splashing through the puddles.

But last night my walk was something truly special.

The magic began as soon as I drove past the Red River on my way to the parking lot.


And there he was, all hunched up, soaking in the last rays on this last day of November.

We call him Harry, one of our beloved Great Blues, his smokey blue charcoal-and-black feathers a stark contrast to the marsh grass that frames him this time of year.



Heading back to the car, I couldn’t help but notice these two characters.

I could hear the youngster prodding the older one, saying, “Hurry up! Hurry up! I just KNOW she has French Fries”.


But the older, wiser gull knows me better than that.

Nope! There’d be no French Fries getting tossed from my car.

Just someone who’d coo to him, soft and sweet, and tell him, “Oh, my, what a pretty bird”.

Not something a guy hears everyday. Especially a seagull kinda’ guy.


Still, a guy’s gotta’ eat, and he gave me the feathery eyeball, nonetheless.


I drove on with anticipation to Forest Beach marsh and the glorious panorama that awaited me there.


One of our Canadian sentries was alert and on duty, telling me that all was well in the marsh tonight.


This was my favorite kind of autumn evening.

Those smokey clouds in the autumn sky, the setting sun bathing everything in a golden glow as it bid the day adieu.


It’s truly remarkable that, no matter how many times I make that walk down to the shore and stand there gazing out at the sea toward Chatham Light, it’s like it’s the very first time.

And all I want to do is stay there forever and ever and just breathe….


But I wasn’t alone in my reverie.

I could see two lovely ladies on the jettie who were enjoying the day’s end, just like me.


We chatted a bit, as girls do.

One insisted on giving me her advice on the very best way to keep your beak warm when the chill evening breezes blow in off the water.


I could not thank her enough.


I passed by Forest Beach marsh from the other side, and looking away out I saw my favorite cutaway, bereft this time of year of summertime dinghies, glowing warm in the sun.


I stopped long enough to chat with these fellas. The Three Amigos, clearly enjoying their Boys’ Night Out!


And heading past several houses already twinkling with Christmas lights, I met this friendly codfish who was telling me I’d better pick up my step if I was going to make it to my final stop before dark.

Blog-ForestBeachLoop690I heeded his warning and before I knew it I was there…

At the Landing.

A place that always feels somehow like my destination. The place where I take that deepest of breaths and let the days’ cares lift up and float away.


And as I headed home I was already dreaming of the beauty that lay just over the hill and around the corner.

In December.


Thanks for visiting me again here at Images of Cape Cod.

‘Til next time, be well.